Yoga and Frozen Yogurt! The perfect combination!

Last night was my first real experience with yoga!  For most of the summer, they have been offering free yoga downtown on the City Deck.  Unfortunately, this was the first week that I was actually able to go, since Tuesday night was usually a training run night.  This week, with the Cheesehead Half Marathon on Saturday, I am prepping for that, which means no long runs – giving me yoga time!!

Molly and I were surprised at the number of people that were down there this week, especially with the temperatures during the day.  She said that the weeks before, there were not that many people, but since this was the last one, apparently everyone wanted in!  The weather was actually perfect.  The sun was shining and there was a cool breeze blowing.  One of the coolest part of doing yoga outside on the city deck is that they have live music for the class!  We spent the next hour laughing at ourselves trying to do some of the yoga poses, but at least we were trying!  If you can’t laugh at yourself, you are never going to get anywhere!

I have come to realize that I want to check out a few more yoga classes at the gym if I can find some that will fit in my schedule. Learning more on how to properly do many of the poses would probably be even more beneficial.  It was very relaxing and  I felt great when we were done!   I am sure that with a little more exposure to yoga classes, it can only get better!  Just as we were finishing, the sun was setting over the museum across the river and it was the perfect close to a crazy day that ended in a more relaxed state than I thought it would!  I wish I would have taken the opportunity to get a picture of this amazing sunset, but I will remember that image in my mind forever!

After class was done and we got back to Molly’s house, one of the first things that Matt said was “Orange Leaf?” – which caused Molly and I to burst out laughing!  We had called this before we even left the house to head downtown!  We knew he was going suggest a run for FroYo, since it had been a week since he had been there!  Of course we were not going to deny him his FroYo fix (giving me my OL fix too!), so we called John and told him that we were heading to pick them up so they could join us this time.

When we got there, I was a little disappointed to see that the blueberry lemonade yogurt that I have been hooked on lately was gone… however now they added a chocolate mint as well as a few other new flavors so life is good!  As long as they don’t get rid of my Gummy Frogs, we are all good!!

Yoga is the perfect way to end a day, but Orange Leaf with great friends make it even that much better!

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