Turkey Trot 2013 is in the books!

…and it was cold!

The Turkey Trot is always one of those events that you never know what kind weather you are going to have to deal with.  You could have cold and rain or snow, if you a lucky it’s just cooler with a breeze or on that rare occasion, you have seasonably warm temperatures.  Matt and I were off to run the 5 mile course, while John and Molly were meeting up with a friend of Molly’s and her family to walk to 2 mile course.

This year was not one that we would call ourselves lucky… unless you count the fact that it was not snowing when we were running!  The first mile was a little slick and slower than I hoped as we spent the time running around people and running on snow covered streets.  Once we got a mile or so in and we were able to get past most of the slower moving crowds it was a little easier to keep that pace that I wanted.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until we past the 2 mile marker that I accidentally started the free version of my Runtastic app, instead of the pro version.  Oops.  The free version only gives you mile updates up to 2 miles and that is it.  Although it was still tracking my route, pace and distance, it was not actually giving me updates along the way.  I was on my own to keep up my pace.  I was not going to get any additional updates for this race.  I was on my own!

Overall, even though it was a very cold morning, the cold was not a factor after the first few miles.  Granted, I never felt like actually stripping off a layer, but I definitely was not cold anymore!  Before we knew it, we were rounding the corner with the finish line in sight!  I was still feeling great (and yes I could still see my breath while I was running) and picked up the pace for last quarter mile.

In the end, I finished in 49:31 – under my 50 minute goal!

We caught up with the rest of the crew, collected our pumpkin pies and headed to find warmth!  Thanks Festival Foods and all the other sponsors for this awesome family event!  After enjoying the brisk cold morning, it was off to spend the rest of the day relaxing at home with a warm fire, fabulous food, great friends, board games and football!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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