The True Key to Weight Loss

I think it is always good to have a weight loss plan to follow, if it is working for you. That is actually the way I started my weight loss journey many years ago.  If you were to answer a random weight loss survey on the keys to losing weight, your answer would probably include something like watch calories, eat healthy, exercise, and other similar variations. This, of course makes sense, as these are the backbone of the necessary negative energy balance required to use your body fat as fuel and ultimately lose weight.

This may surprise you, but the true key to successful weight loss and weight management is actually shaping your environment to make doing these things habit. Yes, what you eat and how you move matters, but everything else around you is what leads you to true success

18 Ways to Lose Your First 10 Pounds

I came across the above linked article from Ryan Andrews, who has been a coach at for several years and has shared a comprehensive article on some highly recommended tips to enable your weight loss program. It is a true representation of the nutrition philosophies at PN, which is also one of the main reasons why I opted to enroll in the nutrition program at PN.

Our environment has so much impact on what we think, and do, without us even realizing it!  How many times have you just pulled into the same fast food drive thru and just ordered.  You don’t even look at the menu because you have been there before and know exactly what you want… or or headed to the grocery store and came home with the exactly same items that you have been buying for years.  Sound familiar?  Our brain and our body gravitate towards what it knows and what is easy.  We don’t even think.  We just do.

Here is an excerpt from the article which discusses the pyramid shown above and how shaping your environment enables you to actually make automatically good decisions:

The base of the pyramid — your foundation — is what surrounds you.

  • Your social environment and culture.
  • Your kitchen.
  • Your grocery habits.
  • Your day-to-day routine.
  • Your peeps.

In general, when it comes to engineering healthy eating, here’s the golden rule:

  1. Make healthy behaviors convenient.
  2. Make other behaviors less convenient.

Give the article a read and let me know what you think! The 18 habits are a good place to start as you head down your road to wellness.  No, I’m not saying you need to change everything all at once, but maybe pick one or two to start with!  Start small and work your way from there!

Build a good foundation with these tips, eat healthier and less, exercise some and you will be the weight loss success you really want. If you have any questions on the philosophies and principles of Precision Nutrition, shoot me a message! I truly believe that these principles can be the foundation to not only weight loss success but also to finding the best version of you possible!  Let me know how I can help, I’d love to be your guide on this journey!

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