The one product I will always wear but never hope I need to use!

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We all have those products that we buy and use every day, or at least on a regular basis.

My ROADiD is one of them!  I think I purchased my first one about 8 years ago.  It was a simply band with all the important information.  I purchased a variety of colored bands so I could change it up every once in a while.  I pretty much wore it every day! Then a few months ago, I was given the opportunity to try out one of a few different products they have come out with recently.  I selected the 13mm pin-tuck band. This was the same size band that I had before, but it opened up for ease of putting on and taking off!

Now before I get too far, I need to say that I am completely amazed with their communication and customer service!  From the time my order was placed, until the moment it arrived on my doorstep, I always knew exactly where my ID was and when it was arriving!  They use some fun marketing and communication tools to have fun, while providing you all the updates you need!


The ROADiD comes in a few different options. The original Wrist ID (2 sizes), the new SideKick ID which attaches to your Fitbit/Garmin or Apple watch and then the Pet ID. sizes. Important data such as names and phone numbers to contact, allergies, blood type, medical conditions, etc. is laser engraved on the plate, which is made out of high-quality stainless steel. They give you a total of 5 lines of text on your plate, so depending on what information you add, you have plenty of room to make it your own. Since I didn’t have any medical information etc to display, I had extra room to add a quote to the bottom of mine1

In addition to providing that information on the plate, you can also create an Emergency Online Profile at the ROAD iD webiste in order to store additional information that would be available to first responders 24 hours a day through either telephone or the internet.

When I was placing my order, I also added a few badges to my band. Badges are fun little accessories that help you make your ROAD iD you! I had a few badges on my old iD and since I ordered the same size band again this time, added those to my new band, along with the new badges.

Earlier, I mentioned ROAD iD’s Customer Service. They truly do what they can to take care of their customers. When I received my order and was putting my badges on the band, I noticed that there was a crack in the band…

Since it was late in the day on Friday, I didn’t expect a reply right away, but first thing Monday, I had an email back from the team with a sincere apology and the promise that a new band was on it’s way out to me!

Like I said, I’ve pretty much been wearing a ROAD iD every day for the last 8 years and have no intention of stopping. As you all know, I do A LOT of traveling and it’s just an extra peace of mind that if something were to happen to me and I was not able to respond to medics etc, they would be able to use the information on my band to contact my family. Now, please keep in mind, just because you are wearing the iD does not mean that a 1st responder or medic will absolutely see it, but your chances of being identified are higher than if you didn’t have one!

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