Summer Fun at the Stadium

Happy Birthday Matt!  Happy Anniversary Matt and Molly!

Last Tuesday was my running partner Matt’s 35th Birthday and the week before was Matt and Molly’s 10th Anniversary.  To Celebrate, they invited a bunch of us to join them for an afternoon of baseball with the Timber Rattlers in Appleton.

Happy Birthday Matt

The day started off cool, windy and overcast for tailgating, but no one really seemed to mind!  There was good food, friends and lots of cold beverages!  It was fun just watching the kids run all over the place – oh to have that much energy again!  Also, even though the weather was on the cool side, that didn’t stop the kids from breaking out and filling up the squirt guns that Molly put in all the kids goody bags!  A little water never killed anyone, even if it was cold outside!

Since the weather was still more of the same by the time the game started, I didn’t think to grab the sunscreen or anything from the car – I wasn’t going to need it.

I am glad to say I was completely wrong on that note… No sooner than we walked into the stadium and get to our seats, the sky clear, the sun came out and it got warm!  Don’t worry, I am not going to complain!  It was awesome to see the run out for the day!!

This was the 3rd time I was at this stadium, but the first time I was ever actually here for a baseball game!  The other 2 visits were for the Scheels Run for Home 5K back in 2011 and then just a few months ago.

When Molly made the reservations for our group at the stadium, she also was able to sign Matt up for the Go Cart Races… so he had to pick 2 friends to race with him.   A few of the kids wanted to race but we then found out that you had to be at least 18 to race.  So Matt asked me to join him and Andy for a race. This was going to be fun!  We were going to be racing around the field in go carts- too fun!

Once we got checked in for the race we were guided around to the back side of the field.  The gal from the stadium that was walking us back told us that they just got a new pink car and I maid the comment that I guess I would end up with the pink car, since I didn’t think either of the guys would want to drive the pretty pink car.  Unfortunately, she told me that I was probably too short to drive that car – the pedals are set further forward than on the other two cars.  They usually put the tallest person in that car, just for that reason.  Guess Matt was getting the pink car!  🙂

Out to a quick lead

Once the 5th inning ended, it was race time!  When we were lining up, we were plotting how we were going to keep Matt and his new, fast car.  We were also informed that Lamers Dairy (one of the sponsors) was in the stands today – and I was driving the Lamers car!  Gee thanks –  no extra pressure there!  Winner would get a bottle of chocolate milk!

As soon as we heard go, I was off!  The competitive side of me was out – I was determined to beat these guys!  Who says women can’t drive?!?!?  I took off and never looked back.. ok I did a few times just to see how far back the guys were.  LOL  That was so much fun!

In the end, it was a great afternoon all around!  Special thanks got out to Matt and Molly for inviting us all out for an awesome afternoon at the ballpark!  Good food, good friends and a win by the T-Rats!

Matt still fighting for position at the end
Great race birthday boy!

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