Starting off the month with a bang!

In my mind, this weekend was officially the start of the summer running season.

It’s close to the end of the school year, the days are getting warmer (at least in theory – Mother Nature has not been our friend so far this year so far) and my days that I am not able to get out to run feel like something is missing!  I can truly say that running is becoming a habit, whether I want to admit it or not!

From what started out as signing up for a few 5k’s this summer, has turned into a running addiction!  I just added 3 more events this summer to my calendar in the past week, which now means that I have events scheduled 2-3 weekends each month!
Last week, at the last minute, Wendy and I decided to run the Aurora Bay Care 5k today, in conjunction with the Aurora Bay Care Triathlon.  This is a 5k that follows the riverfront trail on Green Bay’s west side for part of the route, starting and finishing in Ashwaubomay Park.  A triathlon is nit in my plans any time soon. it was however fun to watch these athletes power through this event!  This would be the first of many this month

Matt decided to join us for the run also.  This was actually his second 5k of the weekend, as he ran he Humana Family 5k run on Saturday.  It was definitely a change in weather on Sunday from what we had on Saturday. Yesterday it was  warm and muggy, today it was chilly and windy. Granted I would rather run when it is cooler, but the wind could stop at any time!

Matt, Wendy and I before the chilly start to the race
We were determined to break that looming 30 minute mile mark! Wendy came close at the Cellcom 5k and Matt was close on Saturday. For Matt and I, this is a huge goal as we have never officially broke that benchmark during an event.  I was not sure if I could do it, and didn’t want to hold either of them back. I was however determined to do everything I could to get there today!
When the race started, we lost Wendy in the crowd… She was off and running!  Matt told me that no matter what, we would finish together!  Mile one had its challenges, as we were running straight into the wind, however I still pulled off a under 10 minute mile!  Mile 2 was through the riverfront trail.  Lost of twists and turns and more running into the wind.  Just over 10 minutes for mile 2.  Thankfully the last mile was straight back to the park, with the wind on our side!  Matt was slightly ahead of me for most of the run but slowed his pace enough for me to catch up to him so that we were able to run the last mile together. That made all the difference!  There was that part of me that wanted to just say no way and walk part of the route.  Knowing he was right there to keep me moving was enough.  I knew that if I stopped, he would too.  That was not going to happen – We would finish this together… Running to the end.  When we rounded the corner to the finish, the sprint was on to the end!
Final time = 32:24
Not quite the time we were hoping for but we did it!  And this cut over a minute off my PR for the year!  
That 30 minute mark still hangs out there to be reached and it WILL happen… It’s just a matter if time!  I love my running friends and all of the things we are able to accomplish together!
Next up?  Bellin Run 10k next weekend!

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