Skirt Sports, Coffee and Cryotherapy!

No better way to start a Friday morning!

A few weeks ago, my friend Mandi from Cryotherapy of WI invited me to be her guest on Coffee and Cyro.  This is her Friday morning fun to get the word out on why different people use cryotherapy.  She wanted me to share with everyone how, as a runner, my visits to the sauna have helped with recovery etc.



Totally out of my comfort zone, but after using cryotherapy for a few months now, I have seen awesome results.  I also have other people asking me why I do it (hence why you have seen several posts here about it!)  She asked me to gather up a few friends and we would have some fun.  Plus, she told me that if I wanted, I could bring some Skirt Sports gear for everyone to wear to promote this running gear that I virtually live in!  So HUGE shout out to fellow Skirt Sports Ambassador Angela for hooking me up with some smaller Skirts since all these other ladies have smaller butts than me!  I ended up being able to have a different style and print for everyone!

Kerri also brought along some flowers for everyone, so we had a chance to also get in a nice shout out for Fellow Flowers!  The camaraderie among women and running is amazing and these two organizations bring out the best in all of us!  I have met many women through running that love both Skirt Sports and Fellow Flowers for what they have done for women and the running community over the years!  In fact, this is how I met Kerri a few years ago – during the Door County Fall 50.  A simple comment about her flower and we felt that instant connection!  2+ years later, we are running together with many mutual friends!

I actually woke up this morning with a nasty cold/sore throat starting.  Ugh.  I dont’ have time to be sick.  But as they say, the show must go on!  I grabbed some throat lozenges and coffee and headed out the door!  Maybe I can chill away my cold…

Like I said, this was totally out of my comfort zone.  I really struggle with doing stuff like this because I always am afraid I am going to sound like a babbling idiot.  Besides, I am no size 2 and have always hated the way I look in videos!  But nothing good ever comes from comfort zones… right?  So it was time to suck it up and just have fun with it!  

I won’t lie to you, I went over what I was going to say about 58,000 times in my head.  What was I going to say, how I wanted to get in everything I wanted to say about my experience with Cryo and running, Skirts Sports and everything that they offer, etc.  But I will tell you one thing, no matter how many times you play through a conversation in your head, it never turns out the way you anticipate!  You just go with it.  And when it’s live, there is no going back and redoing it!

Before we went live, we had some fun and put together a little “Runners to Runway” fashion show.  I really think we have a few potential runway models here (and no, I am NOT one of them!)  Unfortunately, there was music playing in the background while we were recording and with all the copywrite laws, I don’t think we can legally post it  🙁  If we can figure it out, I will add it later!  

For those of you that missed the live feed, you can check out the first part of our morning!  This is when we all had the chance to introduce ourselves, how long we have been running etc.  Yes Mandi, what’s in the goodie bag IS important, as well as the bling!  Show me some good hardware and I might have to check out that race!  Oh yeah, The drawback to using FB live is that a recording on the video is not actually saved to your phone, so it makes it a little harder to share… hence why you need to go to their FB page to watch it.

After we spent the time shooting the first video, the 3 of us went to get changed into our robes, slippers and socks.  Yes Kerri, I kinda have to agree… socks pulled up to the knee is kinda Grandpa-like (But they do need to be white socks then!)  We didn’t get any video of me in the sauna but Kerri and Sue did great!  They both were surprised how quickly the time passes when you are in there – especially because Mandi is constantly asking your questions etc so that you forget to think about how cold you are!  You can check out that video here.

I didn’t realize until I got home that I never did get a picture of Kerri during her freeze… guess we will have to wait until next time!  But we did get a shot of Sue in the Sauna!  Yes, she did agree that it was cold, but nothing like standing outside in the “beautiful” WI temps, or sittign outsdie at a Packer game in January!  Would they do it again?  Absolutely!    In fact, before they left, they both prepaid for a few more sessions!  

All I can say is that this morning was a ton of fun!  I felt like we were laughing the entire time!  You all know that I love my chill time, but it was exciting today to introduce Kerri and Sue to chilling for the first time!  This was also a first time for all of them (Mandi and Jennifer included) trying out Skirt Sports!  I will admit, none of us were keen on displaying out Winter White Wisconsin legs, so Mandi and I went with SS Capri options, while the other ladies wore their own leggings under their skirts!  They all loved how cute, comfortable and fun all the skirt options were… and that they had shorts in them!  Oh yeah… and the pockets!  Dont’ forget about the pockets!  Pockets rule!

Skirt Sports gear all around, all different styles for all different bodies and preferences!

When I left, Mandi and Jennifer were still sporting their Skirt Sports gear – so yes, skirt gear CAN be work!  I do it all the time!

Thanks again to Mandi for inviting me out this morning and giving me the opportunity to showcase my love for Skirt Sports!  Also thanks for helping me introduce a few more friends to Cryo!  Now we just need to chat about setting up a girls night so I can get the rest of the gang in to try it!

Oh, and before I forget, I can actually tell that the chill this morning is helping with the cold!  I don’t feel as stuffy and congested as I did this morning!  I guess you can chill away a cold too!

If our fun this morning has intrigued you enough that you are ready to give Cryo a try, give Mandi and her crew at call at (920)366-2449 if you are in Green Bay, or (920) 460-7035 for the Appleton location!   Let them know that I sent you!  Better yet, let me know when you are going and I will join you!!

Want more information on all of the amazing options, the new spring line is slowly arriving on the Skirt Sports website, (or check out one of the many posts on my blog)!  Plus if you use the discount code 1SSCAPT20, you can save 20% on any regular priced purchases!  Finally, if you want to get in on the flower fun, check out Fellow Flowers to see what color flower you are!  (My go to is Purple: No Excuses)

Or in this case… something COLD!

**All opinions presented are my own.  I was not paid by Cryotherapy of WI for this post or any advertisement of their services.  I do receive a bonus for anyone that uses my name as a referral (new clients only) but no monetary compensation is received.  I simply love the service they provide and the way it helps in my running adventures. This post may also contain affiliate links.  I do earn a small commission for any shopping that is done using one of my Skirt Sport links.  As a Captain Ambassador, I do get a shopping allowance, discount and a few other perks, but the love and admiration for this company is all mine.  I wore Skirt Sports even before they invited me to represent them!*****


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