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Disclaimer: I received an supply of SIS Energy gels from Science in Sports to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I am no different than any runner, no matter if you are running short distances or longer ones, fuel matters!  We are all on the search for the best options for us.  We are all different, with differed needs and different goals.  Finding the fuel that works for you is sometimes an ongoing process.  As our bodies change, we often need to make adjustments to our fuel.

A few weeks ago, I received a large sampling of gels from Science in Sports (aka SIS) to try and review.

I have tried these gels in the past with great success so I was looking forward to trying some of their new stuff!  Included with my shipment:
30 Apple GO Isotonic Energy Gels
30 Double Espresso GO Energy + Double Caffeine Gels
6 Salted Strawberry GO Energy + Electrolyte Gels
6 Lemon Mint GO Energy + Electrolyte Gels

Wowzers!  enough to last me quite a while!  Since the Apple and Espresso gels had a short shelf life, I decided to make a point to share some with friends along the way!

One of the 1st weekends after I got my order, I had an 12 mile training run on the calendar.  Perfect time to try out a bunch of these lovely samples!  I headed out to the UWGB trails with a few friends.  I had a plan to run 3 loops, so I brought a little bit of everything with me!  Each loop I tried a different flavor, starting with the Double Espresso on the 1st loop.  I saved the Salted Strawberry and Lemon Mint ones for later loops, since those are ones that have added electrolytes!

I was out with a few friends and I knew that one of them was looking at some different options for her fueling, so I offered her up a taste of each one as I tried them.  The next day she sent me a message asking where she could order her own stash!

One of my favorite things about the SIS gels is the way they are formulated!  On average, each gel packs in 22g of carbs and less than 90 calories, but the key for me is that all of the ones that I had contained 1g of sugar OR LESS!  These are also not your typical gels – they are not as thick as most others that I have tried!  I love the consistency and the fact that I don’t feel like I have to chew them!  They are carefully designed to digest quickly and easily.  can say that I have never had any stomach issues with any of these gels!

Over the next few weeks, these gels replaced any other fuel that I took with my on all of my runs and races.  I can honestly say that I enjoyed the flavor of all of them!  The Double Espresso took a bit to get used to, but once a fellow BibRave Pro suggested trying those ones chilled, it was a game changer!  Since I usually started my runs off with the Espresso ones (since they have the caffeine boost) I could grab one from the fridge before I headed out.  It was now like an iced coffee!

As I said, I was already enjoying these gels and had fun putting them to the test.  One run in particular tho, really made me realize what these small but powerful gels could do!

I was up north and had a 5 mile run to get in.  I headed out from my brother in law’s house and headed to the lake.  It was one of those runs. Struggle Bus, seating for one.  My legs didn’t want to go, my head wasn’t in it and I was dreading each mile.  Then, about the time that I finished my 2nd mile, I remembered the Double Espresso gel that I had stuck in my pocked on the way out the door.

I tore open that little pack of goodness and kept pushing forward.  Then a small miracle seemed to present itself.  without even realizing it, I had picked up the pace and powered through those last few miles!  If I had not had it happen to me, or been able to see the results on when I looked at my data after I finished, I may not have believed it myself!  The average pace per mile says it all!  As one of the other BibRave Pro’s said, after taking that Espresso gel, we went from struggle bus to feeling like he could THROW the bus!  After this run, I couldn’t agree with him more!

I know that I have other products that I still love and will continue to use also, but SIS gels have earned a permanent place in my training  moving forward!

Want to try SIS gels for yourself?  Check out SIS gels online and then comment below on what flavor you would want to try!  I am giving away a 6 pack box of gels to TWO lucky readers!  Be sure to share this giveaway with your friends too so that I can continue to do fun stuff like this!  Contest ends 7/10/19 so don’t delay!

Don’t want to wait to see if you win?  Place your order today for your own gels and get a great discount!  Save 25% on your next order using the Discount Code: TRYSIS25 at checkout available on their website!

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