Shoe Hoodies! The all-season runner’s new best friend!

I will be the first to admit, there are 2 things that I can’t live without in my closet… Skirt Sports (affiliate link) and hoodies.  I actually might have to count to see if I have more hoodies or running skirts.  It might be too close to call!  I always have a few hoodies lying around the house in random places, at least one in my car and yes, I am probably wearing one!

But now you may also see me wearing a new kind of hoodie!  A week or so ago, I ordered my first pair of  Shoe Hoodies!

What are Shoe Hoodies?

So glad you asked!

Shoe Hoodies are the runner and outdoor enthusiasts dream!  How many times have you come in from a run with cold wet feet?  Ran with plastic bags on your feet to help keep dry on those rainy days?  Duct tape on your shoes to keep your feet warm during the winter (yes, this is a real thing that those of us “Northern” folks do to run when it’s cold and snowy!) ?

Get rid of the duct tape!  Leave the plastic bags in the kitchen!  Shoe Hoodies are the answer!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a post online for Shoe Hoodies and was instantly intrigued!  How had I never heard of these before?  I must try them out!  With a variety of sizes (based on shoe size) and colors available, there is a Shoe Hoodies to meet everyone’s fashion needs or desires.  Of course I had to have the “Marathon Magenta” ones, since they match so much of my Skirt Sports gear! (and I am training to run my first marathon)

About a week ago, my first pair of Shoe Hoodies arrived, complete with a personal note from Steve – the designer of Shoe Hoodies!  The story, as I’ve heard it, is that Steve created Shoe Hoodies for his wife, who belonged to a running club in Rochester, MN.  After a late fall run, she came home with duct tape flapping (it never stays on) and toes that were freezing cold and wet. He then launched an extensive search to see if there was anything like this on the market. He then took a sewing class and he did a prototype of the first Shoe Hoodie, four years ago.  As they say, the rest is history!

Shoe Hoodies are made from premium ski jacket polyester and attach to the toe box of your shoe with Adhesive Loop (think heavy-duty Velcro), for easy installation in inclement weather and removal when you do not need them.

The instructions were pretty easy to follow – cut a 3/8″ strip of the Adhesive loop and place it on the on the side of your shoe, pressing firmly into place.  (Note: You do need to wait 24 hours before attaching the Shoe Hoodies, giving the adhesive time to reach maximum strength).  Each pair of Shoe Hoodies comes with enough of the Adhesive Loop for several pairs of shoes, so you can easily move the hoodies from one pair of shoes to another (Although I may have to get a few more pairs, just so that I can color coordinate with my shoes or clothing!)

Shoe Hoodies also have a reflective flare added to the logo so you get that extra splash of visibility when you are out there running!

I will note that I did notice that my Shoe Hoodies fit across my shoes a little snug, and it may just be because the toe box on my Altra’s is wider than most running shoes.  Yes they still fit great, I will just have to pay attention to see if they are pulled just tight enough that is starts to affect the Adhesive Loop, allowing it to pull from my shoe.

As I mention, I received mine about a week ago.  For anyone that lives in northern WI, you will remember that a week ago, we had unseasonably warm temperatures!  With temperatures in the 60’s, there was no need for Shoe Hoodies.  But we also knew that winter was not over.  I actually was excited when we started getting the snow over the weekend… I wanted to try out my Shoe Hoodies!

I finally had my chance this week! 

Yesterday, it was a balmy 33 degrees and I headed out to do a quick mile run (speed work and it was Mile Test day).  Yes, I was only out there for a mile, but my toes stayed warm!   I actually learned just how warm Shoe Hoodies can be.  Later in the morning I had to head downtown for a meeting and just put my running shoes back on, since I was heading to class at the YMCA on the other side of town right after.  During TRX class, I realized why my feet seemed so warm… I still had me Shoe Hoodies on!  I actually had to stop during class to take them off!  My feet were sweating!

Now today was going to be the fun test!  With the rain that we received this morning, plus the mild temps (37 degrees) when I headed out for my run, it was time to test the claim to keep feet dry!  I knew I only had a small window to run between rain showers, so I headed out.

Once again, my feet stated warm and this time they even stayed try.  During the second half of my run, I was actually running THRU the water puddles!  Yes, I was doing what I could to test these out!

When I got home, my feet were still warm and dry.  I can’t really say that for my hands, since I went out without gloves (with the warm weather last week, my running gloves ended up getting tossed somewhere and I couldn’t find them this morning!)

I was convinced!

Yes, I will continue to test these out to see how well they work.  Next real test is my 14 mile training run this weekend.  I am also anxious to see how these perform once the snow is gone and I can get back out on the trails!  You never know where mud puddles will show up on the trail!

Shoes Hoodies retail for $22 and as I mention, come with enough Adhesive Loop for several pairs of shoes!

So, gone are the days of duct taping your shoes!  Get yourself a pair of Shoe Hoodies!  I know I’m glad I did!

Thanks Shoe Hoodies for the chance to try out your product!  I will definitely be back for more!

Disclaimer:  I was sent a pair of Shoe Hoodies for free in exchange for writing a review of the product.  I choose to review those items that are of use to me or may be of interest to my readers. I will always give my honest opinions, or experiences on those products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Any product claim, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

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