Rethinking the way that I eat!

After all these years of eating smart and mostly clean (I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating, you need to allow yourself a splurge once in a while), it’s time to rethink and relearn how to eat

As some of you know, for the last several weeks I have not been feeling the greatest. I was constantly tired, had zero energy to get to the gym, was getting frequent headaches and my training was falling behind (I have 2 races in a few weeks and my next half marathon in a month).  I knew that something wasn’t right. Previous food allergy tests didn’t tell me much… Aside from seasonal allergies, I was allergic to hazelnuts and sunflower seeds.

I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. It was time to find some other answers!

Last week I went to a new Dr to see if we could get some answers. The motto of the doctors at The Wellness Way is “We don’t guess, we test”.  
And test they did!  After 2 panels of bloodwork and a few other tests and X-rays, I waited patiently for the results.  When I was in the office, thanks to the X-rays, she discovered some inflammation in my intestines and stomach, so we knew that I had some trigger foods that were causing those issues. But we had no idea what!
My gut had some issues and it’s time to figure out how to fix it.

Today I got part of the results!  In the end, I am excited to get the results, but now sitting here trying to figure out what I can eat! 

In the end, I had 22 foods that I reacted to. Aside from a vast variety of seafood and other fish, cheese and dairy (mainly goat and cows milk) popped up as well as a variety of beans, pineapple and almonds. 

Wait… Almonds?
Yup!  Almonds. 
No wonder why I’ve been feeling so crappy!  I pretty much have almond milk in my shakes every morning (with pineapple – EEEK!), 
I use almond butter to make my protein balls, 
I  snack on them almost every day… 
Pre-race fuel is often almond butter and jelly sandwiches!
Pizza without cheese?
No lobster or shrimp?  Thankfully scallops are on the safe list!
As I sit here tonight, I am frustrated at the foods that are on the list, but also grateful that I now have some direction.  I finally feel like I have some control again over how I am feeling!  I am glad that I sought out answers.  I knew something wasn’t right and I needed to find some answers.  We still are waiting for a few more tests to come back and then we can develop a full plan of action, but at least I have a place to start!
Yes, it’s going to be tough to pretty much relearn how to eat, avoiding those foods that don’t agree with my gut. Bottom line, if you think something is off, go with your gut (pun fully intended!) and ask questions, seek answers!  It can make a huge difference!
Time to go find some dinner and start figuring this out!  Dining out is going to be a whole different adventure, that will be a whole new post later!
Here’s to a healthier future!!

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