Pi Day of the Century!

Pi Day of the century was upon us!  For all the math geeks out there, rejoice! 3/14/15 is here!

In honor of the fun day, the kids of Leonardo da Vinci school for Gifted Learners here in Green Bay put in hours upon hours of work and planning to create and execute the 1st annual Green Bay area Pi Day fun run!  They planned everything form the theme, raffle prizes, race route and everything in between!

To keep with the Pi theme, the race was officially set to start at the exact Pi moment! 3/14/15 at 9:26am – and yes we started on time!

Lisa decided to meet John and I for this fun morning too!  Granted none of us would actually be hitting the course together it is always fun to have good friends around!

The weather was perfect! Then again, any time that I can wear capri’s and a long sleeve t-shirt in March and be outside, I’m not going to complain!  Granted, there was a chilly wind that kept pestering us, but I was not going to let that bother me!  As always, I seem to start out fast and then I end up slowing down so that I can get to the end.  When I hit the 1 mile marker I was pleasantly surprised that I was a 9:17 pace and still felt strong.  I was determined to make the most of the day and keep this pace as long as I could.

Start/Finish line was even built by the kids that planned the event (yes with help from some parents and teachers).  It was really awesome to see all of the thought that they put into this fun community event.  For a 1st time race in the area, they had over 750 people sign up!

Highlight of the course?  That’s debatable!  Part of me wants to say the fact that there was virtually no snow in the park when we ran though.  However I also have to say that running past Joanne’s Baseball stadium and knowing that summer baseball starts in just over 2 months makes me happy!  Summer evenings at the ballpark with some awesome friends, is always something good to look forward to!  So yes, spring is in the air and I am so ready for warmer weather to be back to stay for a few months!  Once I passed the ballpark, I felt like I had renewed energy!  When I hit the 2 mile marker, I was still pushing a 9:30 pace.  Time to kick in anything else that was left in the tank!

Running into other Fellow Flowers along the way is always fun!  I originally met Kerri when we were running the 1st leg of the Fall 50 last October and have been running into each other at events ever since!  The encouragement from other Flowers wherever we happen to meet is always amazing!

In the end, John, Lisa and myself were all pleased with our “unofficial” times for this fun run.  Any 5k that I can hit under 30 minutes, it’s a good day in my book.   Over all it was a super morning, spent with family and friends!  I can’t wait to see what these kids to next year for the 2nd annual fun run!!

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