One stop for all your race results!

Ever wish that you could go to one place and find all of your race results, no matter where you ran?

A running history of each race you ran, finish times and even your bib number?

Your personal best for all those races, from 5k on up to those crazy Ultra Marathons?

Guess what!?!? It already is out there!

Athlinks is it!  The one place for all your race results, times, locations and most anything else you might want to look back on.

If you are a runner your results are already out there – all you need to do is create your own FREE account!

I started using Athlinks several years ago and was excited to see so many of my results were already there.  Once I created my account and got all my information into my profile, I found everything back to my very 1st 5k that I completed with my son, back in November of 2007!

Now, I enjoy being able to go back in my results to compare where I was on this adventure, at any given time.

It’s always fun to go online after a race to claim my results and see where I finished compared to others who ran, or to compare that race stats to my other races.

All of my current distance PR’s are there, listed with the race and date.

Details for each race:  time, how I placed in my age group as well as overall, pace, age on the day of the race, bib number and even the weather conditions for the day.  Keep in mind, if you run a smaller/local race, the results may not show up on Athlinks, but that’s ok.  You can manually add your results to your history.  These results will show up as “unofficial”, but at least they can be added to your list!

One of the cool features of the site now is that you can go out before a race and add yourself to the “start line” to see who else is going to be there!   I have added a few races that I am running later this year, and who knows, maybe I’ll make a few new friends along the way.

Have friends that are runners too?  Guess what, you can connect with them on Athlinks too and see how you finished compared to them on any races that you ran together. I have found many of my fellow Skirt Sports Ambassadors and BibRave Pro runners and many of us have made plans to meet up at future races!

Yes, all of these features keep me coming back to Athlinks, but this past week realized just how convenient this amazing little website was!

I recently registered with the 50 State Half Marathon Club  as I am working on running in every state.  Athlinks was exactly what I needed to get everything up to date!  As I was filling out my spreadsheet to track each of the races I’ve already completed, I simply went out to Athlinks and was able to pull each of my races in each state!

In a matter of minutes, I had my spreadsheet up to date and ready to add the rest of my races… once I actually run them!

You can be sure that I will continue using Athlinks for as long as I am running… which at this time, I have no plans of stopping any time soon!  Afterall, I still have 40 states to run!

So, head on over and check out Athlinks and create your own account.  Once you do, be sure to follow me!  Let me know where you will be running and let’s run a few miles together!

In the meantime, keep running, train for those races and I’ll see you down the road!

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