Lack of motivation? Stuck in a slump?

I knew it would hit me again sooner or later.  It usually hits a few months after I join a gym.  This time it was 6 months before it really hit me.  Yesterday and Sunday I had a serious lack of motivation to get myself moving.

While I was sitting at work yesterday, I could see how nice it was getting outside and all I wanted to do was go outside for a run.  Once I got home, I knew that I still wanted to get outside, but was not able to do so at that time – had other things that I needed to take care of first. Plus we kept going back to the TV and Facebook to get more information of the events that happened in Boston this afternoon at the Marathon.  I knew several people that were in Boston for the big race and wanted to make sure they were all ok.  (thankfully we did find out that they all were safe and unharmed).

By the time we finished dinner and I would have had the chance to get outside, the motivation was gone.  I kept telling myself I should at least go downstairs and hop on the treadmill.  That never happened. It didn’t help that I was still hungry after dinner (long story, but basically dinner was a flop, didn’t like what we made and I kept trying to supplement dinner) and the Cinnamon Cheese Squares that were baked last night kept calling to me.  I wasted the entire evening. The first really nice day in weeks that I could have been outside enjoying the spring air. Next thing I knew, it was time to head to bed so that the alarm could go off (not so) bright and early.

What a waste of a perfectly beautiful day!  🙁  I did end up eating one of the bars that was calling to me… but it was only one.  Previously, I would have eaten 3 or 4.

I am hoping that getting to the gym for my training session tonight will help get me back on track.  With a 5k and a half marathon coming up in the next month, I need to keep focused!  Today is a new day and I am determined to make it through on a positive note!   I found a few different workouts that I want to try on my non-training session days to try and bring a little more variety to my routine.  Today is another beautiful day and I will make the most of it!

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