I just might eat this pizza every day if I could!

It’s not that often that I find a pizza that I would say I could eat every day.  Yes I have had some amazing pizza, but when you combine good pizza with a healthy toppings and great price, it’s a triple win!

Over the last week or so, I’ve been hearing about the “new pizza place in town that you HAVE to check out”.  What was so special about this pizza?  Why was everyone say that I had to go?  Yes, even my other health nut friends were saying it too!

So yesterday we decided to check Firenza Pizza out, which recently opened on Oneida St.  This weekend they had an awesome deal that if you donated $2 to local baseball or hockey, you could get a 10″ custom-built pizza for free.  Yes, you read that right.  Donate $2 and get free pizza!

When we walked in, there were a few people already in lineso we jumped in and then had to figure out what we wanted!  Many of you may recall the pizza chain that I was introduced to in Portland OR a few months ago and said we needed one in Green Bay.  Well, this might be a different chain, but it’s the same concept!! Think Subway, but for pizza!  Pick your sauce, pick your toppings, pick your cheeses and they bake it fresh for you in the huge store oven!

Since they offered Gluten Free crusts, I decided to give that option a try ($1.50 extra for GF crusts)

Omg! Found my new favorite Pizza place! And they seem to know what they are doing for gluten free!

As soon as I ordered Gluten Free crust, the young man who was behind the counter immediately asked if I wanted him to change his gloves.  Now I do not have a gluten allergy, just choose to eat GF, so I told him he did not have to.  But from the reaction of everyone on the line they were all ready to change their gloves if I sais yes.  

My Pizza was built for me (built your own Pizza, $7.99 for a 10 inch Pizza, $1.50 extra for GF crust) with everything that I wanted on it.  They have 7 different sauces to choose from including traditional sauce, alfredo, garlic and more!  Then there are the 7 cheese varieties (including feta which is awesome for me since I can’t have any of the cheeses made with cow’s milk!) and an abundance of fresh vegetables and meats to make your pizza exactly how you want it!  

Before my Pizza went into the oven, they cleaned the section of the stone oven! Once it was done, my Pizza was cut with a fresh cutter and boxed up!

My creation: GF crust, garlic sauce, spinach, chicken, Kalamata olives, fire roasted tomatoes, feta cheese and artichoke hearts, mushrooms and pickled jalapeños

Aside from fresh, hot tasty pizza at a great price, Firenza has staff that is just as awesome!  When we were there yesterday, there was a family behind us with an autistic child.  When he was watching then build his pizza, he had a moment of panic because they put the pepperoni on his pizza and then covered it with the cheese.  He looked at his mom and said, “Mom!!  They did it wrong!  The cheese can’t be on top of the pepperoni!”  Without batting an eye, the young man stopped, took off all the pepperoni and then put it back on… on top of the cheese.  It may have been a small thing to do, but it in they eyes of this young boy, it was everything!  Well done Firenza!

And how much did my son like this pizza?  Last night I mentioned to him that he had one last chance to try to get FREE pizza for a year, but it would require him sitting in line overnight…They had a contest this weekend.  Each morning, Friday thru Sunday, the 1st 10 people in the door when they opened would win FREE pizza for a year.  He debated for a few minutes, grabbed warm clothes, snacks and was out the door.  He wanted that pizza!He was the 3rd person in line, at 8:30pm on Saturday night night!  He was ready to wait!  After he got there, he realized he forgot a few things at home, so my dad was nice enough to run them down to him.  It was going to be a long night, since Firenza doesn’t open until 11am.  A few hours after he get there, I did get a text from him with the ever important question… “what if I have to pee?”  Fair question!  I said that I was sure he would figure it out!  After all, his is an Eagle Scout!  It’s a good thing Kwik Trip was right around the corner!

He did get lucky and had friends that were willing to help him out!  A coworker stopped at 2:30am to deliver coffee and then this morning at about 9am, a friend of mine dropped off his favorite black tea lemonade from Starbucks!  It’s a good thing to have friends looking out for you!

15 hours later, he finally made it back home with his $2 grand opening special pizza and a card that will get him a FREE 10″ pizza each week for the next 52 weeks!

Thank you Firenza Pizza for coming to Green Bay!  You have a family of loyal customers here now!

All thoughts and opinions present here are my own.  I did not receive any compensation from Frienza Pizza for this review.  I simply enjoy sharing when I find something that I feel my readers will enjoy.  

4 thoughts on “I just might eat this pizza every day if I could!

    1. I can only hope he will share! Or at least let me join him once in a while when he goes to get his pizza so I can get my own!

    1. I decided I need to step up the workouts if I am going to keep visiting this place! But at least they have plenty of healthy options to choose from!

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