I almost quit… but glad I didn’t!

This morning was the 9th annual Seroogy’s Valentines run.  Running outside, in Wisconsin, in February?  Sure why not!    I did this run a few years ago with a friend and that 5k just about killed us!  It was cold and breathing hurt… so why would I do it again?  Because that is what we crazy runners do!  This was going to be a little different tho, as I signed up for the 15k, it was -4 when we started and I was running with a crew of amazing myTeamTriumph Angels.

When I woke up this morning, I started questioning my decision to run this 15k.  It was -6 outside, I was tired and I would have loved to just crawl back into my nice warm bed.  But I didn’t.  I started puling on the layers so that I would not freeze today.  I almost felt like Randy in the Christmas story after I got all my layers on.. knee high compression socks, running tights, my crazy color running tights over those, then topped with yoga pants, under armor cold gear long sleeve shirt, Seroogy’s run long sleeve shirt and then my running jacket!  to complete the look – my new under armor hood to keep my head, neck and face warm!   Or course I had to add my myTeamTriumph scarf and Black Rockstar flower.  I was going to (hopefully) stay warm!

 As we approached the starting line, I realized that I was dealing with frozen toes already.  This was not going to be fun!  If my feet were this cold already, how am I going to run 9.3 miles? Ouch   By the time I was just past the 2 mile marker, I was second guessing my choice to do the long run.  My toes felt like ice cubes to the point that they hurt!  I was arguing with myself, trying to decide if I was going to make the right turn up ahead and just do the 5k and call it a day, or left turn up ahead, suck it up and do what I came out to do.  The way my toes felt, just doing the 5k was sounding better and better.  As the intersection came into view, I knew it was do or die time….

I sucked it up and turned left.

I ignored the pain in my toes and kept running.   I was keeping my pace and other than my toes, I felt great.  All of a sudden, at about mile 4, I realized that my toes no longer hurt!  They finally decided to warm up and join the party!  I felt like a new person!  I knew I was going to conqueror this mission!

One thing about this course that is nice is that there is a nice long downhill stretch at the end.  By this time, I knew I was close to the end and found a new spring in my step and was ready to finish this thing!  There was chocolate waiting for me at the end!  I pushed that last mile (which ended up being my fasted mile of the morning) and finished strong with a smile on my face

Katie and I warming up after

I ended up finishing in 1:43:13 (just over 11 minute miles) and have zero regrets!  I am so glad that I didn’t quit and only run the 5k.  Finishing my first 15k winter race was a great feeling!  Next scheduled run… the Kiss Me I’m Irish run next month in Phoenix!! (yay to running in warmer temps!!!)

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