Home away from home – Let’s go camping!

The last 8 months have been full of many adventures and I have explored many places.  While I enjoy t my trips up north to the family cottage, I also enjoy my road trips and camping!

Several people have asked me about the tent set up that I have for my truck so here it is!

After doing some extensive research, last winter, I purchased the Napier Truck Tent.  I wanted something that would fit my truck, be tall enough so that I didn’t feel confined and be easy to set up.  This one fit all those perfectly!  There are several different sizes available, based on the size of the truck bed so getting the right one for your truck is easy, as long as you know how long the bed is!

The lower part of the tent (basically anything that is “inside” the bed of the truck is a heavy duty tarp and helps to keep dirt etc from the bed of the truck out of the tent and create a nice floor!    Before we left on our first adventure with this tent, I did a trial run in the driveway and made sure everything was good to go.  The directions for set up are sewn right into the bag for the tent so that you won’t lose them if you forget how to set any part of the tent up!

I did find that it worked better to open the tent up and put it right into the truck bed and then thread the poles through, instead of doing it on the ground and then moving it to the truck once you had the poles in.  Doing it that way was way too cumbersome and definitely required more than one person to set up the tent!  By putting the tent into the truck and then threading all the poles thru, this tent is easily set up by one person!  Speaking of poles – they are color coded so that there is no guessing as to which poles go where!

Once fully set up, the center of the tent gives you 5’6″ of headroom so without an air mattress in the tent, I can stand up and not hit my head! LOL Speaking of air mattresses! My best purchase (after the tent!) was the AirBedz Truck Air Mattress! While there were other air mattresses that would fit into the back of my truck, this one was built specifically for the truck, with the added cutouts in the side to go around the wheel wells! This means that once inflated it turns the entire back of the truck into one large bed! Other mattresses would have left spaces on the edges for stuff (or me) to fall into the crack! There is no rolling off this bed! Just like the tent, there are different sizes, depending on the length of the truck bed.

I will say that the ONE difficult thing about setting up this tent solo is putting on the rain fly… especially when you are only 5’5″ and the top of the tent is several feet above your head! While difficult, it is not impossible! I found that (as long as it’s not too windy) I can put the rain fly on by myself if I clip one of the corners by the cab of the truck and then carefully walk around the back of the truck while holding and guiding the rainfly over and around! With two people it’s a bit easier because you can clip the end near the tailgate on each side and then each grab a side and guide the fly over the top of the tent.

So far this tent as taken me to Arizona and back, through several trips up north and even a camping trip with a torrential thunderstorm! Yup I camped through a monsoon with this baby, and a storm that brought thunder, lightening and 3.5 inches of rain over night! I did find that I did have some water leaking in on the back of the tent (closest to the cab of the truck but I think this was mostly because we got so much rain and I missed a few spots when I strayed the waterproofing on the tent. I resprayed that side of the tent and have not had any issues since!

I also love that the top of the tent is screen so that on nights that I don’t have to worry about rain, I can leave the rain fly off and lay in bed watching the stars!

I can’t wait to see where my tent takes me next summer! Trust me, there are already adventures in the planning!

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