Fresh Thyme Market is Finally Open!

After what seemed like an eternity, the doors are finally open!

I think it was well over a year ago when I first heard that Fresh Thyme Farmers Market was opening a store in Green Bay!  From what I knew of this store, I was told that it was like being able to go to the farmers market year round. Fresh foods at great prices.

We watched the construction over the last year and finally yesterday they opened their doors to the public.  I told myself that I was going to wait until at least next week before I went to check it out, but any of you that know me… I can sometimes be impatient.

I went yesterday afternoon!


Yes it was busy!

But I will have to say, after just the first few minutes of being in the store, I was impressed!

They had a whole refrigerated section near the front of the store dedicated to Gluten Free products, as well as healthy beverages (yes I had to pick up a few new flavors of Kombucha that I had never heard of before).

Since the store was pretty busy, I didn’t really have an opportunity to really browse as much as I would have liked, but I found several things that jumped into my cart!  I do want to get back and actually spend some time seeing what other goodies I can find, but until then, here are some of my favorites from my short visit yesterday!

From looking around the store, one can plainly see that they pride themselves on variety of fresh fruits, vegetables – the produce, bakery and deli take up over 60% of the store!  Much of what they offer is organic too – and the prices are very reasonable! This front area also features a build your own salad bar, premade sandwiches and even an olive bar!  Now, I am not sure if the olive bar pricing was special for the grand opening, but at $6.99/pound, you can be sure that I found some olive treasures to take home!

Coffee!!  Either ground or whole bean.  Some amazing sounding organic options too!

I think I need to try each of these ones!

Fresh local honey!  I use honey all the time!  Plus maple Syrup and Agave!

Snackaroons!!!  Normally, the only place I can find these is online!  Nice to know that I can buy them locally now! (FYI, the Lemon ones are TO DIE FOR!)

Coconut and Quinoa as well as a regular Gluten Free flour – all in bulk!  They also have pink himalayan salt in bulk.  Now, I know that I can get these cheaper at the Food Coop when I go visit my mom, but when I’m in a pinch, at least I know I have more options locally – and can buy as much as I need.I wish more stores did this!  Fresh fruit for the kids while mom and dad shop!  Instead of giving them a bag of chips or other sweet treat, let them munch on a banana or apple while you are doing your grocery shopping!

They also have a pizza counter where you can get fresh baked pizzas and (it looked like) pizza by the slice!  In addition to that, they have a wide variety of premade sandwiches, burrito’s and other options to grab a quick and easy meal on the go!  I told my son that he might want to check them out as another option for lunch.  He works around the corner and sometimes with only a 30 minute lunch break, you a limited on options for good, wholesome fresh food!

I highly recommend downloading the Fresh Thyme app to your phone!  There are extra coupons available there, no clipping needed!  Once you have the coupons added to you account on your app, you simply need to scan your bar code at the checkout and you get the extra savings!  Yesterday, just because I had downloaded the app ahead of time, I ended up saving an extra $6 on my shopping trip!

Also, I did learn that Wednesday is the best day to go shopping.  Their sale adds start and end on Wednesday, so shopping that day means that the new sale starts, but the sale prices from last week are also still valid!  It’s like getting double savings!  BONUS!!!

So, as you can see, from my short visit yesterday, I found several reason to head back!  Have you shopped there yet?  what were some of your favorite finds?  Let me know, so I can check them out too!

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