Don’t let vacation stop your quest for success…

…embrace it and the vacation becomes part of the success!

The Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and we made the adventure Up North.  Time to relax, spend time with family and enjoy some quiet time.  Enjoying this time without sabotaging my hard work over the last few days is possible, I just need to take some time to plan ahead.

This morning was the start of that plan kicked in!  When I woke up at 7am and saw the sun shining through the windows, it was time to get moving!  After a few hard boiled eggs for breakfast, the shoes were laced up and I was off!  My mission, 5-6 miles.  I planned out my loop last night on MapMyRun so that I had no excuse to get the miles.  I have learned in the past that the “out and back” routes give me too many options to turn around early and cut my miles short.  I need to keep myself accountable and not cut my training runs short.

I realized quick that my idea of running the second half of my run along the lake was going to make the first half tough!  I was running at least somewhat uphill almost all the way!  There were a few downhill stretches, but for the most part, the incline was there!  When I headed down that final hill towards the lake it felt great be done with the hills!  I had 2.5 miles of the quite lakeshore in front of me.  That is some of the best motivation that I could hope for!

I was not disappointed!  The chilly morning had evolved into a crisp but beautiful morning.  I stopped to take a picture, just to remind myself why I run so early, while on vacation. One of the best aspects of running this stretch of road is the extremely limited number of cars that actually are out on the road that early in the morning.   It was just me, my music and the waves hitting the shore-line.  I wish I could run this every day!

In the end, I ended up putting in 6.2 miles in 1 hour and 14 minutes.  Tomorrow, same loop, same time, and bringing a friend along for the fun!

Vacation is awesome!

This is why I run on vacation!

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