Climbed Multnomah Falls, never left my house

Today marks day 16 of the #ffholidaychallenge.  Between Thanksgiving and New Years, the goal is to move for at least 30 minutes, each and every day.  Do what you like, do what moves you.  just move.

As I was sitting here today, I struggled.  I didn’t want to go outside (it was cold and going to be getting dark soon), I didn’t want to get on the dreadmill and driving to the gym wasn’t appealing either.  About that same time, my watched yelled at me that I needed to move.  Apparently I had been sitting still too long and she didn’t like it.  So she yelled at me to move.  Normally when she yells at me to move while I am home during the day, I get up from my desk and walk around the house until she is happy.  I go downstairs and refill my coffee, I go down and get stuff off the printer (I left the printer downstairs instead of bringing it up to the office for the sole purpose of having to get up to go get stuff!), I head to the basement to get something to drink from the fridge down there.

Then it came to me.  I knew what I was doing today.  No going outside, no equipment needed.  I changed into workout gear, laced up my shoes and started walking!  We live in a 2 story house, with a full basement.  I think you can get where I am going with this.  I started walking the stairs in my house.  I did loops, around the basement, up to the main floor, around through the living room and kitchen, the up the stairs, through the bathroom and bedroom and heading back down again.  I did loops through each level of the house.

My cats have officially decided that I am nuts!  One of them just gave me weird looks every few times I went past where she was trying to sleep.  The other one originally thought I was playing and kept trying to run away from me.  Then she decided that was not working and went into hiding.

My original goal was just just hit the 30 minutes that I needed for the challenge, but then I decided that I wanted more.  I needed more than just 30 minutes of running/walking the stairs.  I needed a destination.  So I kept going.

I decided that I wanted to hit 85 flights of stairs.  Why 85?  This is equivalent to hiking to the top of Multnomah Falls outside of Portland Oregon and back down.  We hiked that trail when I was out visiting a friend back in October and I figured those memories would keep me going.  And it did.  I climbed 85 flights of stairs… and then some.

1 hours and 3 miles later I hit 100 flights of stairs.  See, I couldn’t just stop at 85, because at that point, I was at 2.66 miles.  (or something like that) and I can’t put 2.6 marbles in a jar.  I needed to keep going until I hit 3 miles.

So I did.

My mission was accomplished. I climbed to the top… at least in my mind I did.  The actual hike is much better.  The scenery is better, the view from the top is amazing and fresh air is awesome.  But the memories of this hike helped to to get through this workout.  Sometimes, you need to do what you can to make it happen!

I post this to show everyone one thing… you don’t need a fancy home gym and you don’t need crazy workout DVD’s to get in a good workout at home.  Heck, you don’t even need stairs, but that just adds to the fun!  Get up and move around!  There are hundreds of different workouts that you can do at home, no equipment needed.  Don’t believe me?  Just Google it!  Home workouts that don’t need any equipment.

Plus, this way, you can’t use the weather as an excuse NOT to get up and move!  What did you do today to move?  Comment below and share how you moved!  Maybe you can find some new ideas from others posts too!

Now… the Crazy Hamster needs a shower so she can head to a Holiday party!

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