Bondi Band… How it all started with just one headband…

Ask any runner what their “must have’s” for a good run, and they won’t have to stop and think long before they will rattle off their list.  I will admit, I am the same way.  There are many items that are always on my list, in my bag, on the shopping list…  But one thing has not changed.20161006_162844

Bondi Band (affiliate link) is always on the list!  And it all started with one… ok maybe 3.  And today, it was back to the roots… back to one of those 1st headbands that I ever bought!  Yes I still have it, and yes it still works!  it might be worn and a bit disheveled looking, has paint splatters from painting the fence at my parents last summer,  but it still does it’s job!  Granted I don’t necessarily “Run for Beer” anymore (unless it’s a good microbrew, but then it’s only 1… sometimes trying to stay Gluten Free is not fun!) but I can’t give up this headband!  It’s where it all started!

I still remember the day I was introduced to Bondi Band and their moisture wicking headbands.  It was May of 2011, two days before I was running my second half marathon.  I headed to the expo and packet pick-up for the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon with plans to get my race packet and make a quick run through the expo to see if anything caught my eye.  I guess you can say something caught my attention.  I ended up spending a half hour or more digging through the piles of headband at the Bondi Band Booth!  These were hilarious!  I had to have some… just needed to figure out which ones!  Kari, I am pretty sure you were one of the reps working that expo, and appreciate your patience while I kept digging, trying to decide exactly which ones I had to have!  I picked up a few Friday night, and then ended up going back on Saturday for more!img_9463

Since then, my collection of Bondi Band headbands has grown exponentially!  Every time would go to a race expo and see the Bondi Band Booth, I had to pick up a few more.  At last count, I had 116, but that didn’t count any that were in the wash, in my gym bag, in the car, or floating around the house in various places!  but the “worst” part?  Ok, not really worst part, actually the best part…  after replying to a post on Facebook a few years ago,  I have also started working some of the race expo’s in and around Wisconsin. Every time I work an expo, I HAVE to add a few more to the collections!  What else can you expect?  They keep coming out with new and awesome sayings on them!  I really don’t think I want to know how many I have now!img_9588

At one of the gyms that I used to be a member at, everyone knew that I never set foot into the gym for a workout without a headband.  After a while, they started to joke around, asking how many different headbands I could wear to the gym before I wore the same one twice.  Game on!  They gave up keeping track after 3 weeks… and I wasn’t even partway through the bucket.

You are probably asking, “Do they really work?”…  Do they really keep the sweat out of your eyes?  Do they really stay where they belong? The answer is Yes and Yes.

I have always had a problem with headbands sliding off my head, mainly because I have super fine hair and NOTHING stays in my hair!  These were the first headbands that actually stayed where they belonged, and didn’t give me a headache like others did!  Huge win in my book!

img_8485In the 5 years that I have been wearing these headbands, I will admit that I did have ONE fall off while I was wearing it.  Warrior Dash a few years ago.  I jumped off the pontoon, into the pond to swim to the other side and when I went under the water, by headband slipped off.  I didn’t realize it was gone until I got to the next obstacle and my wet hair fell into my face.  So somewhere, at the Milford Hills Hunt club, there is a “Will Run for Margarita’s” headband in the pond.  I hope that fish is wearing it proudly!

With as often as I am wearing my Bondi Band headbands, I have figured out a few tricks to washing them too!   Best option?  Just wear them into the shower!  When you are washing your hair, wash your headband and hand it in the shower to dry!  I’ve been known to have several hanging in my shower at any given time… or from the rear view mirror of my car as I am leaving the gym!  But if that’s not your style, simply toss them in the washer with the rest of your running gear and hang to dry!

Running with Meb!

Best part?  ok there are several, but how many people can say that they had the opportunity to present Meb… yes THE Meb! with his own Bondi Band as he prepared for the Olympic games in Rio!  Yup!  that was me!  Not only did I have the opportunity to chat with him and run with him, I got to present him with his first every Bondi Band!  How cool is that?!?!  Can you tell it was a chilly June morning in Wisconsin?  He used it to cover his ears!  All kidding aside, Meb is one of the most humble, amazing athletes one could ever have the chance to meet!  I feel honored to have been able to capture this memory, and actually run with him!

I don’t see my giving up my Bondi Bands anytime soon!  Since that day I bought my first Bondi Band, I have run 23 more half marathons (25 total), an Ultra marathon and countless other races of varying distances, logged countless training miles, gym workouts, road trips, camping trips and who knows what else.  Oh, and did I forget?  They also have awesome compression socks and sleeves, armbands and visors… but those will have to wait for another post!

Guaranteed, if you see me, there is probably a Bondi Band product nearby!  Have you picked up yours yet?  No?  what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Bondi Band’s website (affiliate link) and order yourself a few!  And as a special treat, use the discount code “CrazyhamsterRuns” and save yourself 10% on all regular priced merchandise!  Have a group or a team that you want to do custom headbands for?  Check out the custom section on the website!  The above discount code works for custom orders too!

Hmmm… now to decide which headband to wear for this weekends race…

Might take me until Saturday morning to decide!

Opinions presented are all my own.  I am a social medial ambassador for Bondi Band because I love the product.  I was not paid for my endorsements here.  Post does contain affiliate links to Bondi Band website and if you use these links and/or my discount code, I will receive a small compensation for the referral.

Go Badgers!
Go Badgers!

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