Beat the Hill 2015

2014 is officially behind us. Today is the start of a new year, new adventures, new challenges and goals and so much more.

A friend of mine recently challenged us to figure out what out our “theme” for the year was going to be. What was going to drive us to make it the best year ever.
I started thinking about this and nothing really jumped out at me…
until I went to the gym yesterday.  
I grabbed one of the new headbands that another friend of mine gave me for Christmas and it was clear!

When I first saw this headband, I thought of all the hill training miles ahead of me…  I hate running hills, but know that they are a important piece of the process.  
But there is more to this…
The Hill may is not just the physical hill in front of you!  The Hill can be any challenge in front of you.  That daunting project at work, a difficult decision to make, your health, or even that day’s workout.  Anything that you need to get through can be considered a hill in your lift!  These are all Hills that we need to face daily and we need to 
I am determined to beat the hills in front of me this year.  I know that I have set some crazy goals for my self (half marathon training and fitness goals), I have some continued challenges at work and so much more.  I am determined to face each of these challenges and make the best of it. 
This does not mean that you are going to conquer each hill right away.  Some hills might take several tried to get over.  You might get part way up and face setbacks.  These are not always failures, they are additional learning opportunities to make yourself better.  Learn from them, embrace them and keep going.   Don’t forget, sometimes, when you get to what you thought was the top of a hill, you may find that the hill continues to climb.  Keep pushing on and you will make it to the top!
So, Kim, you may have had other reasons for giving me this headband, but in the end you gave me the key to my mission for 2015!  Thank you for being a continued inspiration in this crazy world we live it!  I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in 2015!
What will you do to beat the hills in front of you?
Face your Hills, learn from them and enjoy the climb!
Make 2015 a great year!

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