Are you setting goals, or creating a list of activities to do?

Goals keep us moving
Goals give us direction
Goals keep us motivated

But are you really setting goals?  or are you just creating a list of things you want to do or accomplish?

Goals can provide the tools to clear out he obstacles so that we  can feel our best (about ourselves and what we do) and to be full of energy.

What are goals?
We need to keep in mind that goals are the end result.  It is what you would like to achieve, the big picture.  In most cases, our goals remain fairly consistent over time.  Some examples of goals that we often set in terms of relationships may include raising well-rounded children, or having long lasting relationships with family and friends.  When we think of goals in terms of career, we often think of financial security while doing work that you love and is aligned with your personal goals and feelings.

Many times, people confuse goals with Activities.  Activities are the parts and pieces… the ways that you accomplish your goals.  These may take a lifetime to get through, but they all are part of that ultimate goal.

The confusion comes into play when we start looking at our activities as the overall goal.  The activity needs to be past of the means to get to the goal.  When you say “I want to go to the gym”, the real question is WHY? The answer could be “to better my body”, “to lose weigh”, “to gain more confidence”.   The activity is going to the gym, but goal is what you wish to accomplish by doing the activity.  There is a difference and it is important to keep them both in mind when working on what you want to do.

Defining Goals that align with your visionbalance-110850
One of the key factors in goals, is making sure they line up with who YOU are.  They need to align with your overall vision of what you feel inside.

Goals need to reflect your values.  These values should be what is driving your goals!  Sometimes the best place to start is break down your life into major categories and see where you want to work on imbalances or new growth.  When you look at areas such as relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity, it is important to look at where you see imbalances for yourself.  These are usually areas that are a good place to start with your overall goals.  Ask yourself what you want to see in each of these aspects of your life.

When you see areas in your life that you are spending time on, this usually means that you have clear goals in those areas and are finding activities to help you get there.  On the other hand, those areas of your life that you tend to struggle with, maybe your goals are not as clear or you don’t know what activities to do in order to get you there.

One you figure out what your goals are, it is important to ask yourself WHOSE goals they are!  Are these goals what you ultimately want to do, or are they what your parents, spouse, friends, colleagues or children want you to do?  Your goals need to be YOURS!  If they are not what you truly want to do, will you really be happy or feel accomplished when you reach them?  Probably not!  Your goals need to match up with your inner being, your inner spirit.

Don’t question it!coast-605535
Your goals are yours, the sky is the limit.  Don’t limit yourself by fear, or what others tell you.  You CAN have what you dream of and the first step to reaching your goals is to give yourself permission to make those dreams happen!

You also need to remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to the goals as you have them now!  They will will change over time, as you learn and grow along the way.  Goals don’t have to be perfect.  Pick one or two to start on right now and as you work towards those, they will lead to new goals along the way.  Life changes, you grow and learn. Goals can change right along with you.  You don’t have to be limited by what you wanted 5 years ago.

As you are working towards goals, there will also be times that you may realize that it really is not what you want.  If you are not making progress towards a goal, sometimes it’s best to stop and evaluate if it is what you still really want.  Is it still in line with your core values?  If not, you need to give yourself permission to honor the fact that this might night be best for you at this time.  If that is the case, change the goal!  Evaluate where you are, recalibrate your mission and move on!

Remember goals keep you focused, your actions will get you there!  Keep them in line with what you truly believe and you can accomplish anything!

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