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Fresh Thyme Market is Finally Open!

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After what seemed like an eternity, the doors are finally open! I think it was well over a year ago when I first heard that Fresh Thyme Farmers Market was opening a store in Green Bay!  From what I knew of this store, I was told that it was like being able to go to […]

Hamster Races

Surviving the Worlds Longest 5k – a true story!

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This past weekend, I took on a new challenge.  It was something I NEVER thought I would do… but with all the challenges I have faced, I knew that this one was one that I couldn’t pass up! The 2017 Run with the Flamingo’s 5k – the Worlds Longest 5k! Yup, it’s a 5k… and […]

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The secret is out!

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It’s no secret that I love my visits to Cryotherapy, especially after my long training runs and races. What I have not had a chance to share with everyone is just how much it really makes a difference on my recovery! Over the last 2 months I have finished several long training runs (16 miles […]