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Attention active ladies!

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When you find something that you really love, you tell people about it… right?  Well, I just found something for all you active ladies out there! To all you guys out there, go ahead and stop reading now… unless you really want to read about my new favorite sports bra!   After my run today, […]


Reading, learning and rediscovering

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Every day is an opportunity to learn.  We are constantly learning.  Learning helps us grow, expand horizons, meet mew people, try new things and so much more.  In reality, we never can learn everything, there will always be something new. This has been my life in the last few weeks. As you may recall, I […]

Hamster Races

Destination Disneyland!

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No better way to kick of 2016 than a trip to Disneyland… unless it’s a trip to Disneyland to run the Star Wars Half Marathon! (note: I am finally sitting down to write this a few months after I came back!) I will have to say that this trip came at the perfect time.  On […]