Why do I run?

A few weeks ago, I was challenge to write a “why I run” post… and now here we are, several weeks later and I am still working on it.  I have started this post several time and then deleted it.  It just wasn’t right.

So I started over… again.

I wrote a similar post about a year ago (you can check out that post here) but I realized one thing.  While many of those reason still are true, I have come to realize there is more to why I personally run.

When I started running over 10 years ago, I started running to help me lose some weight.

Since then, running has changed for me.

It has changed who I am.

What I get from running has changed.

There is still that part of me that runs to help keep the scale in check, as I am currently working on a healthier, stronger me.  Although I do want to lose some weight, I am working on an overall stronger and healthier body.  I have added more nutrition and strength training to my routine for all around improved wellness.

Beyond that, running pushes me both physically and mentally.

Each run, each race pushes me to dig deep and find inner strength to overcome roadblocks in my head.

Was I always this way?  Not on your life!

When I look back at the younger me, I ran only when I had to.  In high school, I joined the track team for something to do in the spring, but picked the shortest distances to run.  In college, I tried running.  Or at least I kept telling myself I tried.  After the college years, it was time to start raising my son.  Running was the furthest thing from my mind.

As my son got older, I did find my way back to exercise, but it was limited to walking or maybe a workout DVD.

Now, all those years later, I have finally come to terms that I AM a RUNNER.  I may not be the fastest, I may not the strongest, but I run.I am a runner.

I run to challenge myself.  To reach for goals that deep down, push me to new limits.  Goals that many people think are crazy.  Last year I decided to train for a 50k (yes 5-0… that is 30.07 miles) and when I realized that our local spring marathon”fit” into my training schedule, I opted to train for and run my first full marathon 5 weeks before.

Who does that?

No one in their right mind!  LOL  But did that stop me?  Seemed completely logical to me… and to all my runner friends.   The rest of the world thought I was crazy.  Maybe I was, but this was the new me!

I have learned that this is who I am now.  I am a runner.

I live for the freedom I feel when I lace up and hit the streets.

I love the challenge of hitting the trails and getting back to nature.

Running has given me strength to do things that I never would have done before.

I feel free when I run.

Whether I am running by myself or running with friends, I feel like I can conquer the world.

I run to clear my head.

I run to chase away stress.

I travel for races, heck I even run when on vacation (who really does that?).

Running has introduced me to some of the dearest friends ever, who continue to inspire and motivate me each and every day.

I have come to realize that running has become ingrained in my nature.

The crazier a challenge, the more I want to do it!

A half marathon in Kentucky with 33 hills? I’m not afraid of a few hills!  Let’s grab a friend drive through 4 states to get there! A 5k in February with 8 obstacles mixed in?  OH yeah, it’s going to be 20 below zero!   Where do I sign up?

The challenges keep in interesting, keep it exciting and keep me going!

What is my next big challenge?  This year is full of them!  13 half marathons in less than 79 days, concluding with 8 half’s in 8 states in 8 days.

It will be the biggest challenge I will face yet.

It’s an adventure I am looking forward to.

The excitement a 2 week road trip, exploring new areas, and pushing myself to new limits.

But it is also scary!

Part of me is terrified.

Terrified that I will fail.

Terrified that I won’t be trained enough.

Terrified that I past injuries will come back to haunt me.

All I know at this time is that I am determined to do what I can get make sure I am prepared for this adventure and that I am going to enjoy every moment of it.


Some people may never understand WHY I do it, but that’s ok.  My reason why I run is exactly that… WHY I RUN!

The reason WHY you do anything is YOURS.  Don’t let anyone else determine your WHY.  Find you passion and go out there and live your dream!



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