Attention active ladies!

When you find something that you really love, you tell people about it… right?  Well, I just found something for all you active ladies out there!
To all you guys out there, go ahead and stop reading now… unless you really want to read about my new favorite sports bra!  
After my run today, as I was hanging out on the floor with my roller, it came to me that it was time to sit down and write a quick review!
I know that there are many of you ladies out there that have the same problem as me – finding a good sports bra that will give you the support that you need during all your fitness adventures, without pinching, chafing, or suffocating you!
I am sure we all struggled with getting out of a sports bra after a long run or workout – it’s pretty much another workout in itself!  Hence why I have switching to almost exclusively wearing zip front sports bras – after running a half marathon in 105% humidity, there is now way that sweaty beast is coming off over my head!
I recently decided to give the Zip’em Up sports bra from Skirt Sports a try.  Yes, I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador and always talk highly have their running skirts and carpi’s but this was the first time I have ordered one of their bra’s!  Why did I wait this long?
  For all you ladies out there that need the extra support, all I can say is WOW!  For the last few years, I have been wearing nothing but another well known company’s bra’s (and spending more than a small fortune on them) when I head out for a run.  No, not the same ONE bra for 2 years, I bought several over the last few years!  This one is quickly becoming my new favorite and will be replacing my other ones!  So far, this bra has supported me through several long runs, fitness classes, cycling and everything in between.
With just the right amount of compression to keep the girls in place without making you feel like you like you are a stuffed into a sausage casing, and lightly padded shoulder straps, this is a thing of beauty!  
The other thing that I love about this bra?  It’s not super thick and padded!  Now wait!  Yes you read that right!  It’s not padded!  A sports bra for us large chested ladies that is not padded?  That’s right, it’s not actually padded but has this amazing lining that helps provide perfect coverage, while being lightweight and breathable!  Perfect for those warm summer  activities.
The hidden front zipper has a guard on the inside to help eliminate chafing and keeps it comfortable.  It also features 2 hidden hooks are almost like have an extra hand to help hold the bra closed so that you can easily zip it.  I don’t know how many times I have tried on a zip-front bra and felt like I needed 3 extra hands to try and keep everything in place while trying to close the zipper!  And NO fighting with a sweaty gross bra after my run!  A quick unzip and that was it!
Honestly, this is one of the first sports bra’s that I have owned that provided the support that I need, is beyond comfortable, doesn’t chafe and is actually cute!  I think I might need to get one of every color!
Yes I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador but the opinions here are my own.   If you want to check out the options that Skirt Sports offers in bra’s (as well as other athletic apparel) check out their website!  Click on the link below to head to the website!   Then, because you are all awesome, use discount code CHD20 to save 20% on your order just because we are friends!

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