What was I thinking? Have I lost my mind?

As I sit here tonight, running through lists in my head, I can’t help bu wonder if I have gone completely crazy!
Last winter I saw a post on Facebook for a local run.  Once that I had never even thought about running in the past, it was one of those races that only the dies hard crazy runners did.  A few years ago I recall watching a clip on the new about these crazy runners who were out running for crazy amounts of time, some out there from sun up to sun down!
It was the Titletown Ultra Series on the campus of UWGB.
Instead of your “traditional” Ultra where you choose your distance (generally 50k, 50 Miles, 100k or 100 miles) you choose your time/duration.  The Titletown Ultra Series offers you a 6 hour, 8 hour or Solstice (sun up to sun down) option.  REALLY?  15 1/5 hours?  More power to them!
HoweverQuiet trail, this time, I found myself looking at it differently.  Not as insanity or craziness, but a new challenge.  I’ve run anything from 1 mile runs, to Half marathons, obstacle course races and color runs.  But was this my next challenge?
Somehow, Lisa and I ended up chatting about this race.  could we really do it?  Even if we walked most of it, it would be a great challenge to see how may miles we could cover in (an unfathomable) amount of time.
When we started talking about it, I am trying to remember correctly, but I imageTHINK part of the conversation when something like this:
Me:  I think we can do it!
Lisa:  I am sure we could… wait, are you thinking 6 or 8 hour?
Me: Um… 6 hour
Lisa: but 8 hours, is only 2 more hours, only 25% more time.  We can do 8
Me:  Yes, but… yeah I guess we could finish 8…
Lisa: We don’t have to run it all…
This went back and forth and to this day we are not sure who talked who into it, but we decided that we were going to do the 8 hour event!
Then she realized she couldn’t do it!  Something about a family vacation… this was y easy out.  My opportunity to back down from the challenge.  To say I’d just wait until next year to run it with her.
Funny thiimageng… when you are a runner, you have runner friends.  When I started talking to other friends of mine about what I was signing up for, most friends would come right out and ask you if you were crazy…  That you were insane… But runner friends are different.  They were the extra push that I needed to send in my registration, motivating me, inspiring me and even telling me that they would run with me.  It was then I realized, that this was the challenge that I needed.  Something new, something beyond what I was comfortable with.
What! Hold it!
What was I thinking?  I have never run a FULL marathon before!  My longest race, at this point has been a Half Marathon!  Yes, 13.1 miles is a lot of miles already.  Now, here I am considering an 8 hour event!
Where were the people that were supposed to talk me OUT of this?  Oh, that’s right, I have decided to surround myself with positive people!
With the encouragement from Lisa and several other friends, I signed up for the race… the 8 hour option!
My next step was to reach out to a friend to help with training.  I signed up for personal training sessions and Andy started working on a training plan with me.  I was determined to make it through this event!
That was over 6 months ago.
Since then a few other friends of mine have also signed up for the race, have joined me on numerous training runs, run countless loops on the trails where the race will take place (thanks ladies for those 5:30am Saturday morning runs!), were chased by geese, followed by turkey’s, and so much more.  Andy has done everything he could to keep me on track with training, working my many other events earlier this year into my training plan.
Over the last 6 months, even tho she wasn’t going to be able to be there, running with me on race day, Lisa put in her fair share of miles with me!  Getting up early to join me on training runs, impromptu afternoon runs on the trail, listening to me grumble at work that I felt like I was hungry ALL THE TIME and more.  Thank you Lisa for encouraging me to face this challenge head on.
But now, here we are, 1 day before the big day.  What they heck was I thinking?
In less than 24 hours, I hit the trail for 8 hours. Tracie will be out there with me along with about 90 other crazy runners.
We have put in the training miles, the strength training, the cross training and so much more.
But that doesn’t mean that I’m not freaking out a little!
Did I do everything I needed to?
Do I have the right fuel packed?
Did I remember to pack my extra shoes?
Which running skirt do I wear (Yes this is an extremely important question!)
Do I have extra Bondi Bands packed>
What it…
What about..
Did I…
The questions are endless.
But deep down, I know that I am going to go out there tomorrow, hit the trail and complete the miles.  Will I hit that looming 50k mark?  You better believe that I am going to try!
I’ll be back after to fill you in on how the morning went… that is once I finish, eat ALL the food and then sleep for 2 days!
Titletown Ultra Series – here I come!

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