Titletown Race Series final results are in!

This summer Titletown Wellness sponsored the 1st annual Titletown race series.  This series was designed to get the community moving as well as introducing people to different events that they normally may not have been aware of.  This race series was complete with incentives and prizes for top finishers.  Titletown Wellness is a partner with Bellin Heath and the Green Bay packers to improve heath and wellness in the region.  This year they decided to create a race challenge as part of their initiative.

There were a total of 6 races that were included with the series and when it was first announced, I was already planning on doing 3 of them, so it was not a touch decision to add a few more.  I was actually able to sign up for all but one of the included events – the date of one of them was during the same weekend that Darrin and I were spending in Munising for out annual trip.  But 5 out of the 6 was good enough for me!

Today the final results were posted and I ended up finishing 3rd in my age group, but technically overall, I ended up in 2nd because the Top Female finisher over all was also in my age group and she was not eligible for age group prizes as well.  I’ll take it the recognition!  If I would have been able to do the all 6 of the races, there is a good chance that I would have been able to place higher

This race series got me out to a few more events that I had either never done before or probably would have never even known about!  Of course everyone in the area knows about the Bellin Run, which drew in 20,000 participants this year, but what about the City Stadium Run?  The Baird Creek Trail Run was a 1st annual event and we have already decided that we will do it again next year!

Overall, I am glad that I participated in this race series and look forward to seeing what they do for next year…  another race series?  I can only hope so!!

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