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Disclaimer: I received a  variety of products from Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

A few months ago, we (myself and the other amazing crew of BibRavePro’s) were presented with the opportunity to try out some products  from Buff as part of their #LiveMoreNow Campaign.  BUFF wanted to know what adventure are we looking to take on over the summer (backpacking? mountain biking? yoga?) and they wanted to help us get there!

They were looking for adventures that would challenge us, get us out of comfort zones, show us the world around us and get outside even (even more that we already are).  I was hesitant about submitted my adventure as it was mainly running.  But it was not small challenge I was taking on!

13 half marathons in 79 days, with the last part of my adventure including 8 half marathons in 8 states… in 8 days, Starting near the coast of Maine, running through the New England States.  In total, I would be running in 11 different states by the time I reached that last finish line on July 1st in Matamoras Pennsylvania.  Training was going to include lots of miles on my feet as well as bike miles, hiking, strength training and who knows what else!

I was excited when I found out that I was selected as part of this project!  I was able to go out to the website and pick out 3 products to try, based various criteria.  I read all the product descriptions and really had a difficult time picking what 3 products I wanted to try.  I have learned over the years that the sun and heat are not always my friend.  When it comes to running in the summer sun, I don’t do well. I have been known to get my share of sunburns, as well as overheating, so I was on the hunt for products that would help with both!

A few weeks later my treasures arrived!What all did I get?

* UV Arm Sleeves:  Styled with runners and outdoor enthusiasts in mind, these sleeves have reflective elements strategically placed for better visibility in low-light conditions. I can put them on in the morning to fight off the morning chills, and comfortably leave them on all day for UPF 40+ sun protection. (trust me, I’m outside enough I need all the help I can get!)

The highly breathable material wicks moisture, is comfortable on the skin, and blocks harmful UV rays. With a light Four-way stretch the sleeves provides light compression and will even maintains form & shape when wet. The elastic upper with engineered silicone grip holds the sleeve comfortably in place without making you feel like your arm is going to fall off. They are also lightweight enough that if you don’t need them, you can stuff them easily in a pocket!

UV Buff:  The Buff multifunctional headwear is similar to the original Buff headgear, but adds 95% protection from the sun’s rays.  It also includes COOLMAX PRO fiber which helps to wick moisture and dries fast for comfort on the move.  With so many ways to wear this product, I am sure it will become a favorite to be used year round!

This buff also has Polygiene Active Odor Control which, according to the website will nutralizes odor and stops the growth of odor causing bacteria and fungi. How that really works, I don’t know, but if it really does, I’m sold!

Pack run cap: Ultralight and ultra smart and able to be rolled or folded and stuffed into a pocket!!  Perfect for one the go!  It’s made out of the same wicking fabric as the other products I received and includes UVP protection.  I have never seen a hat that fits as well as it does, provides protection for my eyes and can literally roll up into a ball and fit in a pocket… and then come right back to it’s normal shape when taken back out.

I can already tell that I am going to get a lot of use out of these products over the summer!  
They always say “never try anything new on race day”, especially when it comes to clothing/gear.  Well, I opted to live dangerously right after I received my shipment.  That next weekend, I was running the Eau Claire Half Marathon.  It was going to be a warm sunny day, so I figured there was not time better to really give them a try!  I knew that I was going to have my hydration back with me, so if they didn’t work, I would have someplace to stash them.

The morning started out a little cooler and the sleeves gave me just enough protection that I did’t feel chilled while we waited at the start line. Once the race started, I honestly forget that I was wearing them.  Yes, they were THAT comfortable!  We spent the next 13 miles laughing, having fun, running back and forth across the river and through each and every sprinkler that we came to.

The fabric was a dream!  Best part?  When we ran through the sprinklers and the sleeves got wet, they held on to the water long enough to help cool me off – even though the temps were approaching (or maybe even over 70) with a cloud free sky!

I am anxious to get out and enjoy the outdoors and see where my new Buff products can take me!  Stay turned for more updates on the adventure!  I will be sure to bring you along for some of the training as well as the races!  I know that with BUFF I will be protected from the elements – or at least the sun and heat!  

Now, let’s get outside and explore!

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