Those dreaded race photos aren’t so bad now!

They say that the right outfit can change a person’s outlook and confidence, which is why there are more and more organizations popping up out there to help out those who are out of work, starting over etc.

This can be said for the running world too!

Having the right running gear can really put everything into a different perspective for you.  I’ve seen it for myself.

I will be the first to admit that I would cringe every time I saw an email come through that race photos were available from one of my recent events.  I often never wanted to even look at them.

I always hated every one of them.

I would look at those photos and see every flaw…

The extra weight I still wanted to lose.

The fact that I always looked like I was dying.

I was rarely smiling.

I just looked miserable.

Then Skirt Sports happened

When I was selected as an Ambassador in February of 2016, I was excited.  This was a company I heard about and had grown to love because of the philosophy that women, of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnic backgrounds, athletic abilities and so much more, need to be able to feel pretty, confident and comfortable.  No matter what you are doing, what your ability, Skirt Sports has something for you!

Up until this point, I had a few SS items that I wore from time to time.  I quickly learned how many more products were out there that I was going to fall in love with too.

The one and only race photo pre:2016. Marquette Half Marathon Sept 2014

Over the last 17 months, not only have I liked my race photos, I have actually PURCHASED several of them!  Before 2016, I think there was only 1 race in which I purchased any photos.  It was the half marathon that I had set a new PR on.  It was the 3rd half in a series of 4 that I did within 36 days.  I loved this picture because it showed the pure determination that I had to hit that PR.  (the hill that they threw in at the end of the flat course made for a tough last push!).  It was a rainy foggy day, but that was never on my mind.  I went out there and did what I needed to do.

Yes, I had the determination, I looked strong.  I did what I set out to do.  But this would be the only 1 race photo that I ever purchased prior to 2016!  I still felt like something was missing.  But I never could figure out what.

I honestly an not sure what it was about Skirt Sports, and the way they make me feel,  but I realized the other day that, in the past year and a half, I have realized that I no longer cringed when I saw race photos!  I was finding myself LIKING them!

But WHY?  What changed?

Honestly, I didn’t know.  So I started pondering…

When I ran the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge last April, it was my first official race as an ambassador.  I even managed to work Skirt Sports into my costumes for the races (because who doesn’t want to dress like your favorite Wookiee when you have the chance to meet him!).

Yes, I was running at the Happiest Place on earth, but there was something different.  I ran, I laughed, I had fun with the photographers.  Even tho I was out on the racecourse by myself, I didn’t care!  I felt great – and yes, I did get to meet my hero!

There was something different about the way I was running now.  Looking back, the only way to describe it, is an added confidence because I had running clothes that worked for my body!

I wasn’t out there running in frumpy shorts or baggy t-shirts.

The rolls and extra weight were still there, but with Skirt Sports, I had options that worked for me, and looked cute at the same time!

Heck, I even ran in a dress!  Yes, curves and all, I ran the Indy Mini 5k in my SS Electric Dress.  Since I was so accustomed to running with the pockets in the shorts under my skirts, I did have to add a pair of the Redemption Shorties underneath.  Pocket dilemma solved!  Yes, it’s all about the pockets!

Before this race, I NEVER thought I would see the day where I actually ran in a dress and enjoyed it!

Over the last few years, Skirt Sports has given me the confidence to get out there and keep doing what I love.  From Half Marathons to mud runs and everything in between, I also recently completed my first full marathon, 50k and Sprint Duathlon this year, all wearing my favorite SS gear!  The sky is the limit!

I am running for me, no one else.

I look at each event as a new challenge and am always looking to “what’s next”

I may not be the fastest and I may not LOOK like a typical endurance runner, but I am doing what I love.

I have my “tribe” that I love to run with, but I am also confident enough in myself to hit the road and check out a destination race on my own.

But it’s not about just looking cute and being comfortable while I do it (although that is a huge plus!)

The motivation from women everyone is amazing!  We all face some of the same struggles and pitfalls.  But together we get each other through it all!  We also celebrate victories together.  When you cross the finish line, you have that comforting feeling that all of your Skirt sisters are behind you.

You don’t have to be an ambassador to feel this connection to Skirt Sports.  They are always out there, reaching out to the the running community to unite women to keep moving.  Their current #REALWomenmove Challenge is nearly 1,200 women strong and together, women around the world, are training to run anything from their 1st 5k, 10k, Marathon or triathlon.  There is power is the masses and this group is shattering records!

Now, I’m not saying that just by putting on a (Skirt Sports) running skirt, you will immediately feel like you can rule the world, but give it time.  Either you will rule the world… or you just might find some other adventure that you’ll enjoy even more.

Either way, you can be assured that your Skirt sisters will have your back.

And you never know… you just may find a few race pictures that, you too, will need to purchase!

**I am a brand ambassador for Skirt Sports. I am not paid to mention them in my blog or to wear their merchandise. I loved the brand and the message “Real Women, Real bodies” before I was invited to be an Ambassador.  You can find out more about her story and the merchandise on  Some links above are affiliate links and I may be paid a small commission for any purchases made via those links.


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