The Good Life – Goal Setting and Creating that Blueprint

Before setting off on a trip, we all know the importance of packing the right clothes, knowing where you are going and having some sense of how to get there.  With out these things, you may find yourself wandering around, lost and not enjoying the adventure.  Living the good life is much the same.  To live a healthy and well balanced life, you need to have a game plan.  How, Where, What?

But we need to take this back one step further.  Before you start planning the details, it’s best to make a list of goals.  Just like that vacation, if you just plan where you want to go and how you are getting there, will you have things to do or places to visit when you get there?  How will you know if it was a success?   

Having goals is the key to any well executed plan.  You will have measurements of success and it makes the plan easier to achieve.  Lets take a few minutes to look at what you need to set those goals and work on that plan!

5 steps to setting goals

  1. Be Specific about what you want.  A general goal of “I want to be healthy” is ok, but specifics are essential too.  What does being healthy look like to you?  What are you going to be eating?  How are you going to be moving?
  2. Changes take time.  This will not happen over night.  Yes, you may see some changes early on, but research shows that it takes 6-8 weeks to see significant changes.  Be patient.  Long term goals are great, but they take one day at a time to get there.  Think about it… you didn’t gain weight overnight, you won’t lose it overnight!
  3. Make a habit to work on and repeat your goal EVERY DAY.  Repeating it out loud to yourself will help provide the positive influence on your behavior.  Need a reminder for yourself to repeat that goal out loud?  Stick a note to your bathroom mirror, where you will see it each and every morning!
  4. Goals should be stated in the present tense and BE POSITIVE.  (i.e. I will go to bed at 9:30pm every night).  Your unconscious mind is what controls your behaviors and keeping things positive is the affirmation you need.  If you tell yourself ” I don’t want to gain 10 pounds over the holiday’s” is interpreted by the mind as “I’m ok with gaining 10 pounds”  Professional athletes will tell you that it helps to put a mental image with the goal.  (HINT:  The unconscious mind loves images and symbols to help guide it along!)
  5. Roadblocks and distractions are part of the journey.  Setbacks are normal.  Every single athlete, business owner, philanthropist and actor had setback at some point in their career.  You are no different.  Setbacks are part of the learning process.  It’s ok to slow down… to stop and smell the roses, but just don’t let these slowdowns derail your life.  When you find yourself on a detour, don’t let yourself fall into a guilt trap.  You may stumble, acknowledge the moment, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and get back on the path.

Are you ready to live (or continue living) a good life?  Make sure you sit down and figure out your goals and then create your plan.  While there is no specific recipe for optimal wellness that is right for everyone, you can find what works for you!  Willpower and determination, as well as a good sense of humor can help guide you along the way.

Remember, there is no one way to create a sense of a good life, there are many ways.  It’s a matter of figuring out what that is for you!

If you need help getting started, shoot me a message!  I would love to help you formulate your goals and create your plan to living YOUR good life!

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