The Accidental Skirt Junkie

For those of you that might have missed it, the following was my recent contribution to the Skirt Sports Blog (affiliate link).  I was honored to have been asked to write a post about my first skirt.


When I first started running several years ago, you never saw women running in skirts.  So when one of my early running partner showed up for some of our runs wearing a running skirt,  I didn’t know what to think.  Then I realized how many people were asking her about her skirts and where she got them.

The answer was always Skirt Sports.20160716_122103

I will admit, my first skirt was from one of those “big name” athletic apparel companies.  I like it, I ran almost all my races in it.  Until I lost some weight and it didn’t fit right.  After running the Brewers Mini Marathon in Milwaukee WI one warm humid August afternoon a few years ago, I could hardly walk as  I had the works case of chafing ever!  The worst part?  I had to drive 2 hours home in this same skirt.

The next day I went shopping for a new running skirt.  I needed one that fit.

But I wasn’t just looking for one that fit right, I was looking for one that would match my new Half Fanatics top that I had ordered.  It had to be just the right shade of blue!  I remembered the company that Wendy had always talked about and checked out Skirt Sports.  There on the website was a skirt that looked like it would be a perfect match!

And it was on sale!

Less than a week later it was in my mailbox!

I loved the color and I loved the fit!  and then I discovered just how useful all the pockets were  not only could I easily carry my phone, but I also had another pocket to carry fuel, or keys, or money or…. you name it, I had a place to put it!

Once agaragnar 2015in, there was not worry about chafing, it covered everything perfectly and I was in love.

But, I actually didn’t order another skirt for about a year or so… I wasn’t completely sold on wearing a running skirt.

Then I started looking for costumes for a Disney race.  At that time, I didn’t find a skirt that would work with what I wanted for that race, but I fell in love with so many of the other patterns and designs that skirt sports had, I had to order a few more.

I was addicted!  Since then I have slowly been converting all of my running gear to Skirt Sports!  In the meantime, my love for this company and their product grew, hence why I jumped at the chance at joinIMG_6909ing their team of Brand Ambassadors!  It’s a superior product by a phenomenal company that supports, encourages, motivates and empowers women to get out there and be their best!  Best part?  I am able to share my discount with you!  CHD20 will save you 20% on your order of regular priced merchandise!

And it’s not just the skirts!  Their tank, sports bras and shirts are the most comfortable clothes in my closet!  I life in my Skirt Sports gear any time I have the chance!  In fact my friends are so used to seeing my in my skirts that when I showed up at the ballpark in a pair of carpi’s, one of the girls made the comment that I wasn’t wearing a skirt  But it was my new favorite Skirt Sport Redemption Carpi’s!

When I pack for vacation, I generally only pack Skirt Sports and yes, I would wear them daily if I could… in fact I usually do wear them almost daily!  oh yeah…. Shhh  Don’t tell my boss… some of the skirts I wear to work are actually from Skirt Sport!  Yup  I wear my my running skirts to the office and no one knows the difference!

Yes, my name is Amy and I am a Skirt Sports junkie… and I am not ashamed of it!

In fact I am proud of it!  🙂





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