Taking FBOMBS wherever I can! Nut Butter on the go!

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As an active individual, I am always looking for convenient, healthy options to take with me for snacks when I am on the go!  Sometimes I want more than just a granola bar or string cheese… and many times taking anything chocolate with you on a long hike or river adventure doesn’t work because it usually melts!

solution?  Enter FBombs!  

The company is founded by Kara and Ross, two strong supporters of the low-carb/high-fat diet (think Keto, Paleo, whole 30, etc). While it was easy for them to find healthy proteins and vegetables while traveling, the same could not be said for fats. Thus, Fbombs, a quality source of healthy fats, were born.

The Fbomb macadamia nut variety 16 count pack comes with 4 different flavors – salted chocolate macadamia, macadamia with coconut, macadamia pecan with sea salt, and macadamia with sea salt. The butter comes in a easy to rip packaging where you can just throw it into a lunch bag, backpack or even a pocket… when hunger strikes,  knead the packaging to mix, rip the top off, and eat as is. 

Most of the time, I am posting about race/running fuel.  Not this time!  FBOMBs are fuel for life.  Fuel for your adventures!  Research shows that we all need healthy fats for a our bodies to function properly.  But we need to make sure that it is the good fats found in nuts, avocados etc.   FBOMB Nut Butters are one of the best high-fat snacks you can find.  Each pack carries about 20g of fat, with minimal saturated fats!  This is the real thing, the good deal!  

My favorite thing about these nuggets of goodness is that they are completely portable and the packaging is durable!  I’ve thrown them in my pack when hiking or heading out on the kayak and have never had an issues with the packages breaking open!

I’ve also found myself reaching for my FBOMB nut butters when I either need a quick snack or to refuel after a long run or tough workout!  A  quick knead to the package and I can add my nut butter to my favorite tortilla with a sliced banana and a little granola for THE BEST Nut Butter and Banana wrap I’ve every tasted!

SO wherever your active life takes you, take some FBOMB nut butters with you!  They enjoy spending time outdoors just as much as you do!

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