Take QUIT out of your vocabulary!

It’s hard.

It’s scary.

My friends don’t understand why I am doing it.

What if I fail?

These are just some of the many excuses we use when things get tough.

But that does not mean we should give up.  It’s during these times that we need to stand strong, remember the reasons why we started and think about what it will feel like when we accomplish our goals!

I was chatting with a friend this morning who was frustrated with his current race training plan and how it was not working for him.  He commented that if he sticks with this plan, he may as well quit because he is no longer having fun.

Our conversation really got me thinking those times when I either wanted to quit myself, or was on the verge and then powered through and kept going.  What makes a person choose one road or the other?  Why push on when it is so much easier to quit and walk away? On the other hand, why put yourself through the continued challenge to reach your goal when you could step back and enjoy the view from the sidelines?

Think about why you started?  What was your motivation?  Don’t worry about what everyone else says you should do, or how they think you should get there.  It is your goal and your adventure to get there.  Forget what everyone else says or does! Yes, there may be others who have done the same thing before, but following their path to get to the finish line may not be what is best for you.  You need to find what works for you and go for it!

Why do we always pigeon hole pigeon hole ourselves into groups of people who, if they are going for a similar goal need to follow a set path?  We constantly hear 2 different sides to the story in society.  On one hand, we are told  that we need to be our own person, follow our own path to success.  What works for one person and leads them to success will not work for the next!  How many of you have talked with a friend or coworker who had raving success with a particular diet plan and when you tried the same plan, following it the exact same way they did, you failed miserably?  It may not have been your fault!  Everyone is different and no one diet will work for everyone.  You need to find what works for you.

The same holds true with any goal that you set for yourself.  What works for others may not work for you!  There is no one marathon training plan that will work for EVERYONE.  There is no diet that works for everyone, just like there is no ONE way to successfully graduate college.

When you stop to find what works for you, the passion  and enjoyment of fulfilling each step along the way will help keep you moving forward towards success!

Don’t worry about staying on the paved path, find your own trail and blaze your own course to success!

Once you find your path, you still might stumble along the way, but that’s ok…

Remember why you started

I want you to think of the one thing that you are committed to doing. Better yet,  picture the one thing that will make your life much more positive than it is right now once you achieve it.

Got it in your mind? Ok, good. Here’s my question for you:


Stop and think… why did you decide to give yourself this challenge?  Your answer has the power to change so many things.

But before you answer, stop and think harder.  There are 2 different types of answers here… the “lame” version and the epic version.  What it your epic version?  In case you are not sure of the difference, here are a few examples:

Lame: “I’m giving up smoking because it’s not good for me,” or Epic: “I’m giving up smoking because am determined to do everything that I can to be alive for my kids’ graduations, weddings, and the birth of my future grand kids.”

Lame: “I’m finally going to launch my business/blog/awesome project because it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do,” or Epic: “I’m finally going to launch my business/blog/awesome project because I know that it will positively impact the lives of thousands (maybe millions?) of people once I do. I am certain that the world will be a better place once I take action on this”

Lame: “I’m going to sign up to run a marathon because I have run a bunch of other races and everyone thinks I can do it, ” or Epic: “I’m going to run this marathon because I want to challenge myself do to something new, to  push myself and my running to the next level.  I want to show my kids that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”

Do you see the difference?

Whatever it is, you must be fully armed with the best  WHY possible in order to make your goal a reality. If not, it’s tougher to get to that epic reward at the end.

It’s your WHY that will keep you moving forward when it would be so much easier to quit.

It’s your WHY that will re-energize you when you’re struggling stand up after life has viciously knocked you down.

You need to be able to enjoy what you are doing, otherwise the passion is gone. Some people need to structure to help them grow.

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