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It’s Music City Time!

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Yes, this was my second trip to Nashville in April, but this one had one purpose and one purpose only.  To Run!  We arrived in town Friday afternoon and headed straight downtown for the expo.  Since I knew that parking downtown was always at a premium (and I am all about saving money when I […]

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Why do I run?

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A few weeks ago, I was challenge to write a “why I run” post… and now here we are, several weeks later and I am still working on it.  I have started this post several time and then deleted it.  It just wasn’t right. So I started over… again. I wrote a similar post about […]

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Surviving the Worlds Longest 5k – a true story!

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This past weekend, I took on a new challenge.  It was something I NEVER thought I would do… but with all the challenges I have faced, I knew that this one was one that I couldn’t pass up! The 2017 Run with the Flamingo’s 5k – the Worlds Longest 5k! Yup, it’s a 5k… and […]