Hamster Adventures

Get out and explore your backyard!

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Ok, maybe not literally in your backyard, but GET OUTSIDE!   Explore areas of your own hometown! Whether you live in the middle of a city, in the quiet country side or somewhere in between, there are always new places to explore! Yesterday, I knew that I needed to get outside and enjoy the unusually […]

Products that I love

Skirt Sports, Coffee and Cryotherapy!

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No better way to start a Friday morning! A few weeks ago, my friend Mandi from Cryotherapy of WI invited me to be her guest on Coffee and Cyro.  This is her Friday morning fun to get the word out on why different people use cryotherapy.  She wanted me to share with everyone how, as […]

Personal Growth

Stop, recharge and refocus

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Your body is always whispering to you.  The secret is learning to stop and listen to it, before it has to start yelling. This is true in every area of your life!  If you eat something you shouldn’t, your stomach probably tells you.  If you run yourself ragged and don’t get enough rest, you body […]