Super Sunday’s Hill Challenge, Renegade Style!

Just one of the may quotes that gets us through our workouts at the gym took us outside from an insanely fun and challenging workout.  Colleen spread the word that she wanted to head out to Bairds Creek/Triangle hill for some hill climbs! She was even bringing some tires with her so that we could make the climbs back up the hill even more of a challenge!  What was I getting myself into?   Better yet, I dragged my son along for the fun! 
View from the top!  Doesn’t look too bad…
We knew that we were in for a challenge as the temps we in the high 70’s when we got to the part and there were not many clouds to be found to offer any reprieve from the sun.  However we were on a mission to get this workout in before the rain started… we figured that we had a few hours.
But from the bottom of the main hill, it’s deadly!
We wasted no time in hitting the hill, letting the tires roll to the bottom on their own… wherever they stopped, that’s where you had to pick them up from!  Carrying a tire up this hill was no easy task!  Not carrying a tire?  Ok, then bear crawl up the entire hill! Katelin actually bear crawled up that hill TWICE!
Colleen with 1 tire, Ty bear crawling up the beast of a hill
While the rest of the crew was having fun on this one hill, I decided to take this up a notch and run a few of the other hills in the facility.  Between the tubing hill, small ski/snowboard hills and tow hills, I had plenty of options in front of me!  This is the same park system that is the home of the Run for the Hill of it trail run – my  first 5k trail run that I ever did, (and am running again this fall) so I was anxious to get out and run a few more of the hills!
Ran up and down this beauty at least twice!
After my first loop out to the other hills, I came back to find that the rest of the crew had upped the ante a bit.  The challenges were flying!  they had moved on to hauling 2 tires at a time up the hill!  They were in beast mode!  Colleen was ready for any challenge that Ty threw at her!  If he did it, you bet she was going to give it a try too!
Two tires at a time!  We got this!
But if two tires wasn’t bad enough, “how many tires could we carry up the hill?”  That challenge was on!  They started to really live on the wild side and go with 3 tires!  How do you get 3 tires up the hill?  One either around your waist or around your neck and on in each hand!  Colleen decided that she was thankful for hips today.  She was able to actually carry 2 tires around her waist/on her hips and only had to actually CARRY one in her hands.  
Colleen and her 3 tires, climbing the hill with style!
Of course since Colleen accepted and conquered Ty’s challenge, he had to do it himself too!  Best part was that when Darrin was helping roll the tires down the hill, he made a point to make sure they were spread out across the bottom of the hill so Ty had to work that much harder to get all his tires in one place to start his climb.  🙂  Then to try and make him work harder, I made a few runs up and down the hill while he was climbing… yeah, I was able to move a little faster with no tires, but my personal rule – no tires, means I have to RUN up the hill.  No walking for this girl!
Ty and I heading up the hill – hurry up Ty!!
Of course, not to be left out of the fun, Jay hit the hill next with his 3 tires!  Spartan training at its best!  These guys are going to rock the Spartan if they keep up training like this!  Thankfully by this time in the afternoon, we started getting more of a breeze, ahead of the incoming rain!  
Jay’s hill climb with 3 tires – showing those tires who’s boss!
This was by far one of the most entertaining, grueling, challenging afternoons in a long time!  But don’t let the tough workout fool you, we had a lot of fun too!  A quote from Colleen on FB “I can neither confirm nor deny but I may or may not have grabbed Ty’s tires and tossed them further away from the hill so he had to go father away from the hill to get it back… might have happened once or twice”  All in all,  we had a great time, worked up a good sweat and finished as the dark clouds were rolling in.  In fact, just as we were getting ready to call it an afternoon, I used that cool breeze to my advantage and got a few more hill runs in before we finally finished!

Grab your tire and lets go! Its Beast Mode time!

In the end, between my climbs up and down the tubing hill as well as 2 loops around the rest of the hills, I put in 2.85 miles.  I had 8-9 miles on the training calendar, and this was a great change from the normal run I had planned.   My original plan was to see how many miles I put in during this hill workout and then get out and run the rest of those miles later, but after 15 hill climbs in that 2.85 miles, my legs had other plans for me!

The long run will have to wait!  My legs are done!

So what did you do to challenge yourself this weekend?  What will you try for the first time this week?

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