Super Saturday turned into Wicked Awesome Weekend

After yesterday crazy morning, you would think that I would call it a weekend and relax…


At 3pm yesterday, my equally crazy running partner Matt and I decided to register for the Aurora BayCare 10k that was being run in conjunction with the Triathalon.  John also decided to join us and walk to the 5k!  Yes, I have officially crossed the line to crazy!

We were up and at the park by 6:15am, waiting for the Triathalon to start (and a wave a rain to come through) and were off and running again!  I was fueled up (Energybits were my friend this weekend!)

After my crazy day yesterday, I was not running this for time.  It was just to get my miles in.  Matt had taken the last week and a half off from running so he was going for a slower pace too. By about mile 2 we decided that we just wanted to hit a consistent time/pace (of 11:30) today.

Matt and I just after we crossed the finish line

Thankfully the rain had stopped before we started and held off for the entire race, but by about mile 3 it started to get a little muggy.  Not going to complain though because last year when we ran this race, it was only 40 degrees!

In the end, we did exactly what we set out to do.  We finished with a 11:27 pace (mile 3 was over 12 minutes, but it was pretty much uphill!).  This was a great confidence booster for the Bellin 10k coming up in 2 weeks, especially when we both ended up finishing 1st in our age group (one of the joys of running a small local event!).  Perfect way to kick off birthday week for Matt too!!

No medals for this one, but 1st in age group makes up for it!
It was truly a wicked awesome weekend!  Yesterday was insane and I still managed to pull off a 10k today without having to walk any of it.  So far, the knee is feeling good and I and ready to go! 
Now time to go find food and refuel this body!
… and then probably take a nap!

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