Sunday night, fireside chats

Sunday nights…

Time to relax after a busy weekend, unwind before the crazy work week starts up again.  Cone on in and enjoy the fire, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and relax!  It’s time to chat and reflect on the last week, learn and grow from it and prepare mentally for the next round!  If you were here, what would we chat about?

I would tell you:
…That I found a new chiropractor!  Now please understand that I can not say anything bad about my old one, just found a new one that fits better with my lifestyle.  With all of the strength training at the gym, miles I am running and crazy days, having a chiropractor that practices Active Release is a great ace to have up my sleeve!  After just one visit, I could tell a huge difference!   I also found out that my shoulder pain was probably from my fall at the ice caves at the beginning  of February.  I have a huge knot in my shoulder that we will be working on next week.  The best part of my appointment this week, NO shoulder pain when I did my long run yesterday!

…Thursday night was an amazing night!  It was double date night!  John and I had the opportunity to join some of our friends for night out on the town in Appleton.  Dinner out at Victoria’s for a fabulous Italian feast (ok Italian pasta feast for them, amazing salad for me, but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything!) and then it was off to the PAC for Wicked!  This was the 3rd time the show was in Appleton and the first chance that we had to go.  What an awesome show!  Now, I keep asking myself why we didn’t go sooner!

…This cold winter has been enough!  We officially broke a few records this week and can say that we just survived the coldest winter that Green Bay as seen in 110 years.  Ok, now that we have broken that record, this extreme cold can end!  I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of having to get dressed in 15 layers just to go out for a run!  My toes can’t take much more of this!

…My biggest accomplishment… ran just shy of 21 miles in less than 30 hours.  Great way to start off the month of March!  Yesterday was the toughest training run yet for the Cellcom Marathon.  Between the cold and wind, it was a long 12 miles.  The fact that it snowed on Friday night, leaving a blanket snow (5 inches) across the entire city, didn’t make it any easier. A few miles of the route were actually unplowed streets!  But we survived.  Then today was the CP Telethon Walk/Run and I pulled out just shy of 9 miles.  It was an amazing morning with a group of amazing people.  No matter how cold it was or how tired we got, we kept going!  I will have more on that in another post – too many amazing things going on to put into words here!

So what do you have to add to our fireside chat tonight?!?!  Fill me in!  What did you accomplish this week?  What are you proud of?  What did you get to experience?  Be proud of what you did and feel free to share!

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