Stepping my way through Social Distancing

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It’s officially the end of April, and all I can say is… what a weird month.  Another 4 weeks of working from home, social distancing, online grocery shopping and not spending time with family and friends…oh yeah… and cooking A LOT more than usual!!

I’ve learned that I need my people!  But I have also found ways to keep myself busy and entertained!

And the Fitness Bank Step with Des Step Challenge has become a HUGE part of my sanity!

With one races being cancelled everywhere, my spring and early summer work calendar has been wiped clean.  No races means no race expos.  With limited hours for my other job, I have found A LOT of time on my hands!  So why not get out and get some steps in!!

Enter the 2 month long step challenge!  Since I was still not cleared to run, it was time to get walking!
We started on March 1st.  Challenge rankings are based on your average steps per day.  So it was time to get walking!

But I quickly got tired of walking the same streets in my neighborhood so it was time to find my own solo adventures!

I hit the local trails!

Over the course of the last 4 weeks, I started walking more and more of the remote trails and it was like a whole new world opened up!

Sunsets at the river are always amazing!

I found myself excited to wake up each morning to get more miles in!

I quickly found myself getting in more and more steps each day, just because I wanted to explore more!  Going out to walk 10 miles quickly because a normal occurrence!

The coolest part was checking the Fitness Bank app in the morning to check the standings!  I’ve been able to hold my ground over the last 4 weeks but this challenge has become so much more than simply getting in steps each day.

I have seen new places and discovered new things… I even found a giant hamburger!

One of the local trails that I found, I realized connected with another trail and I made it my mission to walk the entire length of both trails.  Combined distance of 28 miles.  But since this is the days of Social Distancing and not being able to go out and adventure with friends, I had to walk all these miles solo… meaning all out and back hikes!  So, if you are following along with this logic, I was basically walking the entire trail system TWICE!

Last week Tuesday, I reached the end!  It took me 6 walks, broken up over 18 days to walk the entire trail, out and back… 56 miles!  On the days that I wasn’t out there, I was exploring trails and wildlife areas in my neighborhood!

I am so thankful for this challenge that got me moving again, 3 months after foot surgery to the point that I am walking 10+ miles per day!  My goal is to keep moving, start doing more running, but continue to explore more of my area!

This step challenge has get me out the door and ready to explore!  I have now completed sections on 2 other trail systems in the area and over the next month, as this step challenge continues, I will work on completing as much of these trails as possible!

I can’t wait to see where the next month of this challenge takes me but I can guarantee that it will be an adventure!

Here’s a handful of pics from my adventures!

Meck Wildlife Preserve
The Pond. My destination most nights during the week!


Welcome to Black Creek WI
Trails for miles, with not a soul in sight!

If you joined the step challenge, what have you discovered?

If you didn’t, check out their website for future challenges!

I’ll be back in a month to let you know how it all went! In the meantime, keep walking, keep exploring and get out and ENJOY your life!

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