Spinning, IronMan Jessica Jacobs and crazy friends! Perfect way to spend a morning!

Spinning Spinning and more spinning!

Sometimes it’s not about doing what’s comfortable, it’s about pushing yourself to see what you can do! 

Today was the 3rd annual Rock N Ride Spinathon at the East side YMCA.  Last year for the event, Lisa and I rode for 2 hours.  It was the first time Lisa did any sort of a spin class and she rocked it. 

All I can say is that I love this girl!  She keeps me moving!  
When I say let’s run 4 miles, she says lets do 5!
Last year I told her we needed to decide between running the Warrior Dash or running the Packers 5k.  She quickly pointed out that we were running the Warrior Dash 9:45am heat and that the Packers 5k didn’t start until 6pm.  Guess what?  We did both!
 This year we decided that we needed to up the ante and sign up for 3 hours!
So 3 hours it was!  3 Hours for the MAKS and Livestrong programs at the local YMCA

My friend Jenny told me to ride some miles for her since she couldn’t be there.  I told her that the 1st hour was for her!  Stacy really pushed us to keep moving and put on the miles!

As I was riding that 1st hour, it got me thinking.  There are so many people that keep me motivated, inspired and moving forward.  It doesn’t matter if it is my other fellow crazy runners, my family that puts up with my hours of training miles and travel, trainers that push me through classes, the numerous myTEAM Triumph Angels and Captains that I have gotten to know over the years, my online running family and more.

Today I was riding these miles for some of them!

Hour 2 for us meant a changing of the guard… a new instructor!  This time it was 3 time Ironman Champion Jessica Jacobs!  Jessica as come back to lead the spinathon each and every year!  Jessica is a force to be reckoned with on the course and I am always excited to workout with her at this event!  This year was no different!  This hour took spinning to a whole new level – more sprints, hills and then she decided to throw in some jumping, squats and everything in between!  Some of the guys in the back of the room decided (and let her know) that they didn’t think she was human!  This woman didn’t know the meaning of go easy!  We pushed it to levels that I don’t think I knew existed!!

This hour also was a huge shout out to my newest inspiring friends,  my fellow Skirt Sport Ambassadors!  These ladies are out there making it happen, working to inspire and motivate other women to becoming healthier, fit women!  Even though I have actually not met any of these ladies in person, I feel inspired to do what I can to keep motivating and inspiring everyone around me!  Thank you ladies!

Finally, it was time for hour 3!  My legs were burning!  After one hour of Jessica, I still had another hour to go… and it was more Jessica leading the way!  After 2 hours of going all out, I knew that I didn’t have much in the tank, but this time, I needed to pull out all stops!  When you legs get tired, you go with your heart!  You need to find what motivates you to keep going!

Today, by the time hour 3 got here, I knew that I didn’t have much left in the tank.  I needed to dig deeper to make it through the last 50+ minutes!    But then I remembered Ashton’s smile.  Ashton, hour 3 was all for you!  Ashton is the son of good friends of ours and I will have the honor of being part of his team of Angels for the Wausau Half Marathon with myTEAM Triumph.  All of my miles this year will be working up to helping him complete is second half marathon!  Ashton is one of those kids that has a smile that can light up a room.  He knows that he has limitations, but he doesn’t let that slow him down!  So I couldn’t let tired legs slow me down!

It was a tough hour, but we made it through!

In the end, when we added up the numbers, we rode for over 60k – or approximately 37 miles.  I say approximately because the spin biked at the Y have a trip odometer on them, but we really don’t know how to convert it to miles.  From everything we have been told (or found online) the distance is somewhere between Kilometers and miles.  So for ease of tracking how far we went, Lisa and I have decided that we are calling it kilometers and going from there.  Yes we know the distance we are traveling is not accurate, but at least we have something to compare!

Overall, the morning was amazing!  We pushed ourselves, sweat A LOT and laughed just as much!  Thank you to the Green Bay YMCA for putting together an another awesome event and even bigger thanks to Stacy Ryan and Jessica Jacobs for pushing us to our limits!  I am already looking forward to next years event!

Oh yeah, and Lisa says we are riding all 4 hours!

So I guess we are going all out!

Who’s coming with us?

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