Sink, Float or Swim. The choice is yours

We’ve talked before about goals.  We’ve talked before about having a plan to reach those goals.  So many times, when summer gets here and life gets busy, we lose our focus on our goals.  Especially when  it comes to weight loss.

There are so many things that can get in our way…

Family outings

I’ve heard them all… I’ve even used some of these as excuses.  As a society, we are generally more active in the summer months, meaning we are always on the go.  Between holiday gathers, weddings, graduations, vacations and everything in between, our days are always full.  But don’t forget about your goals!

A wise friend of mine summed it up perfectly:

“Sink, Float or Swim.  The choice is up to you!”

When it comes to your summer weight loss goals, what do you hope to accomplish over the next 3 months?

You Sink: “It’s summer, it’s busy, I don’t have time to worry about all that stuff!”  You skip more than a few workouts, you enjoy those family cookouts and a few extra cocktails around the campfire.  Then come fall you get back on track because you realize you sank a little further than you thought and now the jeans don’t fit anymore.

You Float:  Are you going to just float along, working to maintain where you are today?  Paying attention to what you are eating but still maybe enjoying a few more treats than usual?  Skipping a few workouts during the week in exchange for extra sleep or taking a road trip?  When fall gets here, you can still fit in those jeans, you maintained your weight.  But are no closer to your goal than you were in spring.

You Swim:  You make a plan, you make a point to get in those workouts early so that you can spend the day outside playing with the family or jumping in the car for a quick road trip.  You pack those healthy snack and have your bottle of water nearby.  It’s a little work, but you cruise through the summer and come fall, you need to go buy new jeans because the ones you were wearing in the spring are now too big!

I know that I am choosing to swim!  It will require some extra planning, sometimes a little extra prep work and some early mornings to get in my run before the craziness of the day starts.  It also means staying true to my “WHY”.  Why did I start this journey?  Where do I want to be 6 months from now?  1 year from now?  Only I can answer that.

Only you can decide what will work for you.  My hope is that you will choose to Swim!  Chase those goals, stay on track and make each day your own success story.  Together we can swim through summer and when fall comes around, we are well on our way to reaching those goals!

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