Running for chocolate is always a good thing!

But running with friends is always better!

When Carrie and I realized that we were both signed up for the Cellcom Full marathon, we knew that we would be spending more time to gether, getting in those long runs on Saturdays!  Since the Seroogy 15k/5k race fell on the same weekend that we had 10 miles to run, it was a no brainer!  At least this way, we would be able to get in our training run, and there was chocolate at the end!

When it comes to running this event, in the past, I have often waited until the last minute to register. Waited to see what Mother Nature was going to throw at us for that morning.  In the past, I have run in single degree temps as well as below zero, (Feb 2014, the frozen race!)  plus it’s February… there’s always that chance of a blizzard until about May, so I didn’t want to take any chances this year.  I signed up about a week in advance.

With the crazy cold temps earlier in the week, the mid 30’s for the race were going to be amazing… compared to the 19 and cold winds from Wednesday!  I still was leerly of what to wear, so I went with a few (lighter) layers to get me through the day.  Normally, in the last few weeks, I have added a cold gear layer under my Tough Chick top and I knew I didn’t need that, but still opted to add a base layer underneath.  Since my Tough Girl pants are not lined, I threw on a pair of Cuddle Duds underneath on the bottom (more on that snafu later)

Since I had run down the night before to pick up my race packet, I was able to skip the lines this morning!  Bonus!!

And this also meant that there were still bite sized Seroogy’s candy bars available to snack on before the race.  Double Bonus!! Grabbed one of those and a some coffee and I was set!  Just had to wait for Carrie to get there.

When you Skirt Sports Ambassador Sister shows up wearing the same running gear!

As I mentioned, it was A LOT warmer today than is has been in the past when I have run this race.  Still not sure I would have been wearing shorts and a talk top, but yes I did see a few brave souls out there with bare skin!  Of course Carrie and I did get a good laugh when she arrived.  With no prior planning (except mention that we both needed to wear out Skirt Sports Ambassador hats) we showed up in matching gear!  Granted we had different pants on, but the funny part… I had just ordered the same tights that she was wearing.  Had my order arrived, I would have probably been wearing those too!  Great minds think alike when it comes to awesome running gear!  


Since we had to make a stop at the bathroom before the race, we ended up started at the back of the pack with all the walkers, strollers and dogs.  And for those of you that have been following The Crazy Hamster for a while, you know that bathrooms and missing the National Anthem are a regualr occurance. At least this time I was still in line during the anthem, not sitting on the toilet!   By the time we reached the starting line, the majority of the runners were already gone.  That ended up being ok, as the crowds thinned out rather quickly and we never felt like we were running elbow to elbow with other people.

We also had the chance to meet up with another one of the gals that is part of the Run The Year Challenge so it was fun to put an actual face to the name!  Leslie is actually from the area, so I am sure that we will be seeing her more often in the future too!  YAY!  More fun people to run with!

Carrie and I ran together until just before the 15k and 5k split. She was making a quick pit stop and told me just to keep going since I had to get to work yet this morning.  Along the way, we got many compliments on our jackets!  Everyone loves this jacket!  Here is to hoping they add more fun colors to the fall lineup so that I can get myself another one (or 2!).

Over the next 7 miles, I saw many familiar faces who were also out enjoying the mild February temps!  I would find out later that several of these rock star runner friends of mine earned themselves awards for their efforts!  Congrats to all!

In the end, I finished in 1:44:08, which is about 45 seconds slower than when I ran this same race 2 years ago. That was also the year that it was -4 degrees when we started.  I know that in the last few years, my pace has slowed and I need to get back into a normal strength training routine.  But overall, I am happy with my results!

As soon as I crossed the finish line, I had to head straight to work (someone forgot to check her calendar before she signed up for the race, and was also scheduled to work this weekend… oops!).  No time for breakfast with the crew after, so I had to call in reinforcements and had my husband deliver breakfast to me at work!

Thankfully, after work, I got in my post race chill…  only 6 hours late!  Thanks to the awesome crew at Cryotherapy of WI, who stayed late just so I could get there!  Jen, you rock!

Now that the first official race of the year is behind me, it’s time to keep the eye on the prize.  Marathon training is in full swing!  Stay turned for more on that adventure… training for a spring marathon is no easy task, as Mother Nature never seems to want to play nice!

Time to enjoy the rewards of the race… chocolate!

Next on the Crazy Hamster race Calendar:  Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon in Lexington KY, April 1st.  That is, unless I decide to run the St Pats Race here or the Pi Day 5k…  the struggle is real  🙂


*** The important stuff: This post may contain affiliate links.  I do earn a small commission for any shopping that is done using one of my links.  As a Captain Ambassador, I do get a shoppping allowance, discount and a few other perks, but the love and admiration for this company is all mine.  I wore Skirt Sports even before they invited me to represent them!***

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