Run for Home!

Today marked the 3rd 5K of 2013!

Elizabeth and I before our runs

Honestly, the weather could not have been better to head out for a run with great friends.  Although we would not actually be running together since I was doing the 5K and everyone else was doing the 10k, it was fun all getting out there and hitting the trail at the same time.  The Scheels Run for Home is the 5k that Elizabeth and I did 2 years ago in some of the worst cold weather running conditions I have dealt with.  We were glad to see the improved weather conditions for today!

Matt crossing the finish line

For this event, they do a wave start and the 10K started 10 minutes before the 5K, so I was able to see everyone else start, and then be at the finish line to see everyone else finish!  It felt great to be out there running in the cool crisp air, but I need to learn to dress for how warm I am going to be after I get through the first few miles!  By the end of 2 miles, the gloves were in my pocket.  Shortly after that, the jacket was tied around my waist!  Once I removed the jacket layer, I did feel much better and was able to finish strong.  Needless to say but the time I got to the finish line, my gloves were no longer in my pocket!  The final stretch of the run goes around the outfield of the Fox Cities Stadium so it is exciting to run through the stadium with fans cheering you to the finish

Elizabeth also finished ahead of her goal!

I finished with a respectable time of 35:18.  This was my official first solo 5k as I had Matt pacing me on the first 2 runs this year.  I met up with Matt’s wife in the stands to wait for everyone else.  Matt’s goal was and hour and ten minutes and Elizabeth at hour and a half.  It was awesome watching all of the families that were out running together or there cheering each other on! As the photo’s show,  I was able to capture Matt finishing just ahead of his goal time and before too long, Elizabeth did the exact same thing!  Well done everyone!!

Next weekend… half marathon time in Eagle River with Elizabeth!

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