Pushing through vs listening to your body

As I have posted about before, change is inevitable.  Plans change all the time and we need to be able to adapt.  Many of these changes can be tough, both physically and mentally.  Doing what you know is right vs what you WANT to do can be tough. When do you push through the pain and when do you stop and listen to your body and slow down?

I know it’s been a few weeks since I have posted and I apologize.  Some days it was enough just to keep my head above water!  My blog was one of those things that I just was not able to get to!  Trust me – it’s not because I didn’t want to.  But something had to give and time was not on my side.  Many nights, I opted for sleep instead of blogging… yup, I had to figure out some priorities!  I am going to work on a few posts to get you caught up on the marathon training

After a positive 8 mile run that I mentioned in my last post, I was given the ok to do 10 the following weekend. For the first time since Thanksgiving I was actually able to get out and run with my running partner Matt!  It was going to be a great morning!

Matt and I set out at a comfortable pace and were ready to enjoy the morning, but determined to make it back before the rain.  We crossed the bridge and hit the trail with a few hundred of our closest friends.  We kept a good pace and when we turned around at mile 5 (keeping my word to my PT that I would do no more than 10 miles).  I was feeling good and it was great to be running with Matt again.

At about mile 9, I started to feel my knee creeping up on me and knew that I didn’t have much left.  The stubborn side of me came though and I pushed it through to the end.    Overall when I finished, I felt great and really was not in any pain.  I talked to the crew from myTEAM TRIUMPH for a few minutes and then Matt and I headed home.    I met up with Sir Felix (my foam roller that has become one of my new best friends) for some quality rolling time and followed it up with some ice.  Overall, I was sore, but nothing that I really was worried about.

Sunday morning rolled around and it was time for one of Ty’s awesome Sunday Circuits at the gym.  Overall it should not have been a tough workout, compared to some of the adventures he puts us through.  Unfortunately, the burpees got the best of my by round 2.  The impact from the burpees was too much for my knee and I struggled to get through the 35 minutes.  I walked several of the laps and took it slow.  In the end I was proud of myself for finishing it and knowing that I made the adjustments that I needed to keep myself going.  I spent some time rolling and stretching at the gym before I left and was on my way.  Once I got into my car, the pain caught up to me.  I was nearly in tears by the time I got home.  My husband banned me to the couch with a bag of ice for the afternoon.  IT HURT!  I officially over did it and my body was voicing it’s opinion.  If I can’t even get through 10 miles without all this pain, how was I going to do 26.2 in just over a month?  I had some serious thinking about what was the reality of all of this.  My body was starting to rebel.  Was I biting off more than I can chew at this point?

On Monday, I shot off an email to my physical therapist and the other trainer that was covering stuff for her while she was on vacation.  I filled them in on what happened over the weekend and I was given strict orders to take the week off.  No running until after I saw Lisa again (not until Thursday) and no going to the gym.  They didn’t want me to do anything that could potentially cause a flare up.

OMG!  It’s bad enough to tell me that I can’t run, but to tell me no gym either?

Like I told Nate, telling me not to run or go to the gym is like telling a 4 year old not to eat the bowl of candy that you left on the table.  Nate’s response?  “eventually, you are going to take the candy away if the 4 year old does not listen”… Ok Nate, you got me there.    No running, no gym  UGH!

 Here’s to a long week of trying to keep my mind off everything that I want to be doing…

Come on legs, butt and feet, lets get everything working together!!!  The adventure continues…

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