Plans never go through without change!

Another Sunday night, crackling fire and, relaxing, Watching a movie with my family.

I don’t know about you, but some days I really wish time would slow down so that I could feel like I really enjoy these days.  No matter how well you think you have things planned out, we have to be ready for the unexpected.  There will always be changes that need to be made to the plan.  Having viable options in a pinch is always important.  This is true for workouts, family dinners, shuttling kids to and from events, or even rest days.

This week was no different.  Thankfully it was a “normal” week (and I only worked minimal overtime hours), but when it starts out with a snowstorm on Monday that closed schools early, I should have known that the week was going to be another crazy one. I headed home from work a early to get Darrin from school and was really glad that I did!  I had to deal with some snow on the roads, but from stories I heard from others that were traveling later in the day, I consider myself lucky that I was home as early as I was!

Unfortunately, the weather also brought the cancellation of all classes at the gym for Monday night.  So much for my Double Up Monday!    My son had a meeting scheduled downtown from 5-8, so my workout plan for the week was going to start out with a bang!  A regular Renegade Mission at 5:30, followed by a Cardio Circuit class at 6:30, allowing me to get downtown to pick him up by 8pm.  However, Snowstorm Carol had other ideas.  Everything was cancelled for Monday night… no driving downtown for Darrin’s meeting, no going to the gym for me and nothing planned for dinner!  So, after rearranging the evening menu, getting dinner finished and driveways cleared, this was one tired chick!  I really should have spend the evening in the basement on the treadmill or getting in a few Renegade workout videos but that didn’t happen.  By the time we finished dinner, I was ready for bed!

Even though I didn’t get in my planned workout on Monday, I didn’t let it ruin the rest of the week.  I knew that I didn’t have any “free” time to get in an extra workout or run, but I made sure that each and every one of the workouts that I did get to was completed with maximum effort.

In the end, I can say that the week was a success.  Everyone got where they needed to be.  I was at the gym for each and every workout that I signed up for, I survived another cold, icy marathon training run (gotta love glare ice streets in Wisconsin, which will probably be here until May at this rate!).  Plus, still made time for dinner out on Saturday with some friends.  It all took some shuffling around and revised planning, but we did it!

Oh yeah!  My new running shoes finally arrived on Friday!  After what seemed like forever (in reality it was only a week) they finally got to meet my feet!  For the first time in 2 years, I bought somethign besides Sauconey’s, so we will see how this goes!   Now, time to decide which are going to be taking the trip to Arizona with me in a few weeks…  decisions, decisions, decisions!

So when life throws a wrinkle in your plan, just pick up where you left off and keep moving forward!

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