No equipment is never an excuse for skipping an workout

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Fitness Friday time!

One of my posts last week really got me thinking about one of the excuses that so many people use.  I don’t have any equipment.  I can’t work out at home.  Yes you can.  You can.  you can work out anywhere, with nothing more than yourself!  If you recall, last Friday, it was cold outside and I didn’t want to put in miles on my dreadmill  but I didn’t let that stop me from getting in a workout.  Yes, I could have stuck in one of the 150 workout DVD’s that I have (ok maybe not 150, but I have quite a few!) and got in a 30-60 minute workout, but I wasn’t inspired.  So I laced up my shoes and hiked a mountain. (see full post here)

There are hundreds of workouts out there that you can do, wherever you are, no special equipment needed.  Just as The Google!  I dare you!

Just the other day, there was a nice quick one posted on LifeHacker, designed to do in a hotel room! Check it out! I have actually started using this one as a quick break to get me moving when I need a study break during the day!

Don’t have time to find a workout?  Break out one of my favorite workouts that my old trainer used to have us do during class at my old gym.  Technically, this is a no equipemnt workout, but you do need a deck of cards.  Each card will tell you what you need to do and how many reps to do!

Put the deck of cards on the floor in front of you and turn them over one by one and do what it tells you!  The suit will tell you what exercise and the number on the card will tell you how many, face cards each has special values.

  • Spades: Sit ups
  • Diamonds: Squats
  • Clubs: Push ups
  • Hearts: Lunges
  • Numbers: The number of reps that must be done.
  • Jacks: 12 reps
  • Queens: 15 reps
  • Kings: 20 reps
  • Aces: 25 reps
  • Doubles: Two cards of the same value drawn in a row doubles the number of reps.
  • Triples: Three cards of the same value drawn in a row triples the number of reps.
  • Quadruples: (Unlikely, but you never know) Four cards of the same value drawn in a row quadruples the number of reps.

If you don’t like the 4 exercises listed above, feel free to swap them out for different ones!  Just make sure you are working!

I will still do this from time to time and when I remember, I will start my watch, timing how long it takes me to get through the deck of cards.  In fact, with the extreme cold weather here in Wisconsin right now, I did this workout today… was not ready to run outside in sub zero windchills!  So I grabbed the cards and headed to the basement.  22 minutes later I was done.And yes, that is 2 Aces on the top of the pile to finish out the workout… so I finished with 25 lunges, followed by 50 push-ups!

When you do this working, if you don’t get any of the doubles or triples, you will end up doing 126 reps of each exercise!  Well done my friend!  Today, because of the double aces at the end, I did 151 push-up.  I think I’m gonna feel that in the morning!

Remember, it’s not always about how far you go, how much you sweat, which program you are following or where you are.  It’s all about getting out there an moving!

What’s your favorite “no equipment workout?”  Share below so we can all get fresh ideas on our workouts!

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