New partnership with Shoe Hoodies, plus your chance to win!

Many of you may remember my post from a few weeks ago about my new favorite hoodie… my Shoe Hoodies!  Gone are the day of cold wet toes when I head out for a run!

Shoe Hoodies is a small family owned company based out of MN and has the all-season runner covered when it comes to keeping your toes happy.  Created originally for his wife, Steve has come up with an awesome product!  It only takes a few minutes to get your shoes ready for Hoodies initially and then you are off and running!  Plus you can transfer your Hoodies from one pair of shoes to another very easily!

I have been running with mine for a few weeks now and my toes have never been happier!  I have decided that I am going to have to get myself a second pair just so I have some variety.  Just a note for Altra wearers… these are a little snug across the toe, due to the larger toe box on these shoes, but that is the joy of elastic!  They will fit virtually any running shoe!

I am excited to announce that I partnered up with them to help spread the word about Shoes Hoodies and why you really should check them out!! And this is good news and savings for you!  If you missed my original post about Shoe Hoodies, head on over and check it out here.  There you will find more information on why these were created, how they work and more!

So, head on over to Shoe Hoodies website select your favorite color and size, enter the discount code”AMYP” at checkout and receive your Shoe Hoodies for only $20 ($2 savings!)… PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!  Yup, a discount plus FREE shipping!  Available in a multitude of colors and sizes!

As an added bonus, because I am so excited for this partnership with Shoe Hoodies, I am giving away a FREE pair  to one lucky person!    Check out the link below and enter for a chance to win your own FREE pair!   No Purchase Necessary! Contest ends at 11:59pm Monday March 27th.  Winner will be notified via email on Tuesday March 28th!
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18 thoughts on “New partnership with Shoe Hoodies, plus your chance to win!

  1. Shoe hoodies would be amazing for someone like me who lives in the PNW. Rainy runs is a super common experience!

    1. I got lucky when I visited the PNW last fall in that it only rained at night for for a bit in the morning most days I was there! Good Luck!

  2. Oh! These are exactly what I need in the cold and snow of Michigan! Where have these been all my runninglife?!?!? Especially with Raynauds, I NEED these to keep my feet warm and dry!!

  3. I want a pair of Shoe Hoodies because it makes me so mad when my shoes get wet. This would really solve that problem. Just amazing…

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