New adventures for 2018!

It’s not secret that I am a Race Junkie!  If you have known me for any amount of time, you know that there is always a race on the horizon that I am training for.

Over the last few years, I have started adding some of my own race reviews on  I have also found several new races to run, thanks to other runners reviews there.

A few months ago I applied to be a Pro Ambassador for BibRave.

What is a BibRave Pro Ambassador?   In an nutshell,  a BibRave Pro participates in amazing races across the country, gets to try out awesome running gear/products and then has the opportunity to share the experiences with their friends and followers online through reviews and discussions on everything running related

I am excited to join the ranks as a BibRave Pro Ambassador for 2018!

Aside from being able to share these experiences with you, there is a huge added bonus for all of my followers here and on social media… RACE AND PRODUCT DISCOUNTS!

I have added a new tab on the top of my page where you can find all of these races and discounts!  New races will be added all the time, so be sure to check back if your next race is on the list!  Maybe I can help you save a few bucks on that registration fee!

I do not know what races I will be running yet to represent BibRave, but I know that several of their featured races are already on my list!

I am excited to see where 2018 takes me and I am determined to make it amazing!

Come join me on the adventures!

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