My goal was to make 2016 Epic… we are well on our way!

Ok a few weeks ago a mentioned on Facebook of a big announcement!  After a few delays, I am happy to say that I was selected as one of the Brand Ambassador Captains for Skirt Sports!  To say that I am extremely excited is putting it mildly! a few months ago, on a whim,  I filled out the Ambassador application.  I figured why not!  After several weeks of waiting, I received an email telling me that I had made the cut and was one of the new Ambassador Captains for Skirt Sports!

Yes, I read… and REREAD that email 5 times, waiting for it to really sink in!

This is too cool!!!!

Most of you know that I love my running skirts and I generally don’t head to a race without one.  Well, that love has now landed me a fabulous opportunity with this awesome company that is working to empower and motivate women and young girls into making health and fitness a priority, despite any obstacles they may be facing.  Real Women doing Real things to make this world a better place!

The company was founded by one woman who decided that she was a woman and wanted to feel pretty when she was running (training for IronMan Wisconsin to be exact!)  She wanted to feel inspired and help others to the same.  This skirt that she wore during her Iron Man WI event was what launched this company!

Now you are probably thinking, oh ok, just another running apparel company.  But these skirt are more than just something pretty!  They are also extremely functional!  

Over the years they have not only helped women feel beautiful when they run, but they have helped provide inspiration, motivation and compassion thru several different programs and events to keep women moving!  The more I learn about this amazing company, the more excited that I am to be able to team up with them to do my part in inspiring women to get out there, get active and healthy!

The best part for you?  I get the share my discount with you!  Use the code “SKIRTLOVE20” and save 20% off your order!  So click on the link below to do some shopping, look cute when you are out running or at the gym and fall in love with these products just as I have!

Now excuse me, I have some shopping… and running to do!

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